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Right Now#0
Posted: 4/2/04 at 6:20pm
Since I finally figured out how to work my dvd recorder, I am a recording fool. My broadway titles are being transferred to DVD with "Crazy for You" being DVD'D now ( as we speak ). After Broadway, hello to Hollywood. I figure if I do one a night, in about 6 months or so, most if not all of my VHS tapes will be DVD's. Wait, make that the end of the year
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re: Right Now#1
Posted: 4/3/04 at 9:37am
Funny you bring this up. I decided last week to transfer all of my theater-related video recordings to DVD. I must have over 100 hours of clips from the last 20 years. At this moment, I'm up to the 1986 Tonys performances. Only 18 years to go...
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re: re: Right Now#2
Posted: 4/3/04 at 8:28pm
My life is now complete, Mr. Roxy. I can die tomorrow feeling fulfilled.

Thank you for sharing.
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