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Happy Birthday, Bernadette Peters!

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Jordan Catalano
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Happy Birthday, Bernadette Peters!

Posted: 2/28/21 at 11:38am
Happy 73rd, to one of the all-time greats. Lets hope Broadway re-opens with her leading a new show. <3
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Happy Birthday, Bernadette Peters!

Posted: 2/28/21 at 11:44am
From your lips to the god or goddess of Broadways ears! We need her back on the boards! Happy Birthday Bernadette!
"The sexual energy between the mother and son really concerns me!"-random woman behind me at Next to Normal "I want to meet him after and bang him!"-random woman who exposed her breasts at Rock of Ages, referring to James Carpinello
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Happy Birthday, Bernadette Peters!

Posted: 2/28/21 at 12:30pm

Happy Birthday, the one and only! 

"Rose in Gypsy was like going through therapy for me. Playing Rose helped me put a lot of emotions to bed. There was so much lacking in Rose and that's why she had to prove herself through her children. [interviewer]In ways that reminded you of your mom?[/interviewer]. Let's just say the role was very interesting for me. That one was the most interesting [I've ever played]" - Bernadette Peters (2018)
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Happy Birthday, Bernadette Peters!

Posted: 3/1/21 at 3:01pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY #73...(same age as me)...i have seen Ms. Peters two times in my life...the first was way back in the early 1970's when she performed her cabaret act at the upstairs cabaret in Studio One in WEHO...she was fabulous in person...

Then i had to wait till 2018 to see her HELLO DOLLY which was the reason i went to see that musical during my last trip to NYC...she was fabulous again and got a well deserved standing ovation...

i have always loved Bernadette singing 'The Unexpected Song" and 'Tell Me On Monday", from the ALW musical SONG AND DANCE...two of my favorites that she has sung in her long career...

Updated On: 3/1/21 at 03:01 PM