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Edna Trunblad Wig/Costumes

Swing | Joined: 12/16/19

Edna Trunblad Wig/Costumes

Posted: 12/16/19 at 1:55am

Anyone know where I can borrow/rent/buy a Edna Trunblad Wig/Costumes - doing the play for school and looking to hopefully get it donated or very cheaply rented/purchased.


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Broadway Legend | Joined: 12/4/07

Edna Trunblad Wig/Costumes

Posted: 1/6/20 at 9:54am

Unless you know another school that HAS those costumes, you aren't going to get it cheap/free.  

There are many places that rent excellent costumes (do a google search) but they are going to likely run you between 50 and 100 bucks to do so.  

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