switching from Classical voice to MT, need advise


Posting for my daughter, will tell her about this board just found.  Daughter is lyric soprano (with good strong chest voice), doesn't belt.  Experience in high school musicals and with show choir (simple jazz dancing), as well as Irish step dancing when real little.  She wants to switch to either a combo program like Illinois's lyric theatre, or a program with good vocal teaching and coaching.  Want to stay in middle plains states (base now is Missouri), would consider mid-south (TN), or SE (strong ties to Florida, gets in state tuition there as well).  

Her vocals are amazing for her age, 19.  Would have a great career in Classical were she to continue, but she LOVES MT and says although she's great at Classical, she doesn't love doing it.  

I would love program suggestions as she needs to "step on it" to get apps and/or pre-screens in.  What programs to avoid (ie, lack of good vocal teaching/coaches/overly dance focus, or will force her to try and belt; she should stay lyric/legit, it's her strength and will get her the jobs in the future).

What programs would be good for her?  (And we don't want a program that only mounts one musical a year because the strength is dance, but given time constraints and how new this is to us, need help.)

Thanks for any and all help!!!  :)