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I am Gay

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I am Gay#1
Posted: 8/10/19 at 12:10am

Generally, when a person shares that he is homosexual, the typical words used are, 'I am gay'.

I know the word 'gay' has been used in songs, a show title back in the 20s 30s, so when, how and why did the word become associated and to identify with homosexuality ?

An early advert for constipation was 'happy and gay the laxette way'.

When coming out to whoever, the single syllable 'gay' is quicker and easier to say, rather than 'I am a homosexual' so has anyone used another word or know of another--besides queer/poof?

ALSO---Can someone suggest another word instead of 'partner'. I loathe the word and I can't remember how an introduction went before that word came in vogue.

A couple needs a word on introduction to immediately establish their relationship. It goes from friend to boy/girl friend to partner or husband/wife.

I suppose we all need some sort of identification in a relationship  but 'partner'? It sounds just so unromantic.

I am sure that the French have the perfect word for it even if it translates the same.


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I am Gay#2
Posted: 8/10/19 at 12:29am

Well, there is always sodomite.

"Hi there, I'm a sodomite. Are you?"

I've always liked Proust's use of the word "invert".

"Hello, I'm an invert. Do you like inversion?

My fav tho was "temperamental". 

Open to so MANY mis interpretations.surprise

"I hear he's temperamental?  No, he only likes women"

Instead of partner ( I disliked it also, too business like) I used "spouse" or "spousal equivalent " . To be fair I used spousal equivalent  for anybody who was living together "w/out benefit of clergy".

The French term for living together w/out clergy esp if there are children ( I LOVE this) is concubinage.

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I am Gay#3
Posted: 8/10/19 at 1:27am
I also am not a fan of “partner” - I just call my boyfriend what he is - my boyfriend. When the time comes (if it comes), I’ll call him my husband. No need for partner.
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I am Gay#4
Posted: 8/10/19 at 2:02am

"Partner" likely stems from the fact that it's only in very recent history that such a thing as same sex spouses (husband and husband or wife and wife) became a legal thing.

Did you know that every day Mexican gays cross our borders and unplug our brain-dead ladies?
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I am Gay#5
Posted: 8/10/19 at 8:31am
This^. And in recent years, I've taken it to mean, we're serious, committed, but not married - for whatever reason.

And, btw, Gay was often used as a name. My given middle name, actually. And ive certainly know a few women with it as a first name.
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I am Gay#6
Posted: 8/10/19 at 9:53am

Partner doesn't really bother me.  Back in the day, we were introduced as "lovers".  Partner is a big step up, from that.

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I am Gay#7
Posted: 8/10/19 at 12:12pm

I have always called my other half "partner" To me "boyfriend" sounds fine in your 20s but in my 50s and being with someone for a long time "partner" fits the bill for me. :)

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I am Gay#8
Posted: 8/16/19 at 4:55pm

Lots of progressive straight couples are using partner as well, also Brits.