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MUSIC MAN IN LAB  Sep 23 2020, 11:14:40 PM

Well at least 2 people are walking around with their head up their proverbial.

The Music Man is up on the Marquee!!  Sep 23 2020, 02:20:12 AM

jo said: "Hugh was seen on Sunday with a strawboater hat ( and cane) - a trademark gear by Robert Preston in his stage portrayal and in the film adaptation.

Was he on the way to a meeting or even a pre-rehearsal session with WCarlyle re The Music Man?

Well he is certainly NOT off to a regatta on the Thames!

 Now--- who is going to look good wearing those colours on a T-shirt?very few, maybe a ginger[love em !] and a magnet

The Music Man is up on the Marquee!!  Sep 18 2020, 04:13:15 PM

I realise that that art work, type, colours etc all scream period country USA but by day it certainly looks very drab--probably looks better when lit at night.

No way TMM will open in April. Renewed international travel is years away so full theatres[back to normal] is a loooong way off[all my observations, based on just that].

Hugh will have aged out and Sutton will be still searching for her lyrical soprano.

Just film it and sell it and watch safely at home.


Thoughts on Theater 5 months into The Shutdown  Sep 17 2020, 03:19:12 AM

Good Lord, could anyone understand the above?

I tried[for a while] then just scrolled.

The theatre can't go back to 2019 so BIG adjustments are going to have to be made in front of, and behind that big red curtain.

Selfishly I am more than happy to live with my many years of memories and will never feel the need to step back into a re-jigged theatre again in however many years that are ahead of me.

Please don't bring up the un-employed, that's in all in

Thoughts on Theater 5 months into The Shutdown  Sep 9 2020, 05:04:57 PM

Theoretically, I have had the vaccine and the anti-vaxers, Trump supporters!  havn't.

How does the world then assimilate and adjust to this next phase?  I realise it will be a 'wait and see step by step' situation but how will I know I am not sitting next to an anti-vaxer in a crowded theatre coughing over me and not be concerned? Do they have a new strain, is my immune system strong enough to resist, will door temperature testing still exist?

Will I/we eve

Thoughts on Theater 5 months into The Shutdown  Sep 7 2020, 04:36:20 PM

Not theatre related but world related, Mother Nature must be over-joyed that she now has some time to rebuild, regrow and repopulate. Then She will wait patiently until She has to do it all over again.

If You Could Cast Judy Garland In a Broadway Show?  Sep 7 2020, 04:12:37 PM

I have tears reading these wonderful suggestions for a talent so tragically lost before what might have been.

Thank you Judy for all that you did in such a short time on this now very troubled and unsettled earth.

PS. Thank you always BrodyFosse123 for sharing from your enormous library of theatrical information-your knowledge and ability to find corresponding clips, astounds.

The Boys in the Band to premiere on Netflix, Wed. 9/30  Sep 4 2020, 02:13:06 AM

Well if the preview that I saw is anything like the rest of the movie---I'll pass.

I certainly do not need to be reminded how hideous we looked and acted and screeched and squeeled and drank all those years ago.

I know it was fun but without those silly childish games and heart wrenching tears and out-pouring of anguish and broken hearts. I seem to just remember laughter, drinking[a lot], dancing and fvaking[a LOT].

To each his own but for me TBITB belongs where it be

Thoughts on Theater 5 months into The Shutdown  Aug 27 2020, 04:10:26 PM

I'm speaking from an Australian perspective where a major city might have 3 major theatrical attractions at once where Broadway and off might have 33.

Love of theatre can be easily satisfied, and quickly, until each season ends and we wait expectantly for the next attraction.

If I never see another show, my life will continue and another form of entertainment will, and has already, filled that void.

I get my 'fix' from show DVDs and that triggers memories of t

Randy Rainbow  Aug 20 2020, 04:19:38 PM

Dear Lord, if those quotes from RR were his attempt at humour, then they certainly didn't work for me, on any level.

His targets certainly were all of ethnic origins but the only 'joke' that amused was the Chinese[food] in the fridge, the rest just went over my head.

It seems that they were the jokes of an era and if that is when RR was trying to establish himself and create a following then maybe that is what audiences were laughing at then. What else was he doing t

Australian Theatre to Re-Open with PIPPIN  Aug 16 2020, 04:11:01 PM

I'll be there, even if I have to sit on a strangers lap----start casting, and this will be very interesting to find out who plays who.

We certainly don't have a Patina Miller here that I know about.

ALW Participating In COVID-19 Vaccine Trial  Aug 15 2020, 04:24:55 PM

and why not? Theatres will only open to capacity once a vaccine is found, not before.

And as you have used my avatar name in a derogatory,  childish attempt at humour, farewell.

ALW Participating In COVID-19 Vaccine Trial  Aug 15 2020, 03:22:12 PM

What a load of tripe. If this 'Tory Lord' wants to 'greedly' help his theatre business which in turn will help THE WORLD, praise be the Lord[best I could do].

ALW Participating In COVID-19 Vaccine Trial  Aug 13 2020, 11:06:17 PM

You and I drink from different taps HH. Mine is tinted with optimism and nil scepticism [in this instance] and yours is----add your own flavour.

ALW Participating In COVID-19 Vaccine Trial  Aug 13 2020, 05:20:35 PM

For goodness sake, the man is participating in a trial, one of thousands[people] around the world, to help save humanity from this ever increasing disaster.

He has been very vocal the entire time and now physically stepping forward.

Who cares the reason, he is just one more subject awaiting results while most criticise.

It seems it's more of a 'I hate his music so easy target'. As one member said--If it were LMM, and we all know that the sun shines out of his

Diana going to Netflix  Aug 8 2020, 03:32:48 PM

Tested, 14 days quarantine, show time[no audience]

CAROL WAS ROBBED  Aug 7 2020, 12:31:27 AM

Well if you were one of the robbers you wouldn't have thought so either---glad you joined in.

CAROL WAS ROBBED  Aug 6 2020, 08:02:35 PM

I have this fantasy that Carol rasped ' my house my house'!!! and the robbers screamed. IT'S CAROL CHANNING' , dropped their guns and said , You can keep your house if you will sing  'People' for us, so Carol picked up a gun and said, That's NOT my song, and shot them.

CAROL WAS ROBBED  Aug 5 2020, 04:40:49 PM

Dear Lord, obviously that wig is FAR too tight.

Applause Revival Due  Aug 2 2020, 06:00:10 AM

Did I see Raquel Welch in this in NY? or Ms Bacall? I can remember someone saying if I were to meet LB, not to mention RW[I did and I didn't].

I was a dresser to an American glam lesbot import in a play in Melbourne Australia who was very good friends with Betty-oh the stories in that dressing room. I was such a good dresser[couldn't sew on a button but was boy-cute] that she gave me her signed copy of Applause [Betty Bacall].

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