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Best William finn musicals/songs?  Sep 10 2020, 06:13:47 PM

I think Little Miss Sunshine was his one stumble among a rather stellar body of work.  It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite song, but the one that immediately springs to mind is Heart and Music from A New Brain.  I played the priest in one of the first regional productions in the US following the Lincoln Center run and it was a joy to perform every night.  The cast never wanted the run to end.  We received some rave reviews locally and William Finn called our thea

Are there really NEW investors?  Sep 10 2020, 06:06:26 PM


2009-2010 Musical Revivals  Sep 10 2020, 06:04:06 PM

The only one I got to see was La Cage and I preferred this revival over the original staging, which always left me cold in its wildly lavish and unrealistic grandeur.  Yes, the original was visually stunning, but the millions spent on the designs, costumes and cast felt completely out of place to me in the story's setting.  I was really scratching my head wondering about a drag club in the 80s that had that kind of crazy budget, but the particular cast I saw didn't

Time For A Gypsy Revival  Sep 10 2020, 12:12:36 PM

We'd have to bring back Fiddler, La Cage and Follies in the same season or it just wouldn't be worth it.

Musicals that were announced but never materialised.  May 25 2020, 05:26:38 PM
I remember a musical based on the comic strip Hazel the Witch was announced around 1999/2000 that never went anywhere.

Unnecessary Revivals  May 25 2020, 05:19:24 PM
At least once every season somebody revives this topic, so like any other revival, there are always people out there who consider it worthwhile enough to engage, regardless what someone else thinks.

SIX Worldwide Casts Video  Apr 28 2020, 01:40:20 PM
I love this so much! I was surprised it hadn't been posted yet.

Worst Broadway Musical Season  Mar 31 2020, 05:52:30 PM
"How about 2010? The choices were Memphis, American Idiot, Fela, and Million Dollar Quartet."

Million Dollar Quartet was too small for Broadway as it was from its hugely successful run in Chicago, but still snagged a Tony for Featured Actor. Memphis was actually a solid conventional book musical with a decent score. Fela was the critical darling of the season and received out-and-out raves. And American Idiot was just flat-out brilliant. Easily my pick for Best Musical that season.

Lerner & Loewe ranked  Mar 23 2020, 06:55:36 PM
My Fair Lady
Paint Your Wagon

An updating list of musicals & plays you can now stream online for free  Mar 23 2020, 06:50:14 PM

Streaming Musicals is starting to offer free content.

Girl From the North Country Broadway Reviews  Mar 10 2020, 12:28:40 PM

I know opinions on this one are mixed (to say the least) but I adored it and think it might just be my favorite musical of the season. 

You can think that if you like, but your favorite musical of the season is actually Six.  That's just how it is.

How is the current CATS tour?  Mar 9 2020, 05:28:12 PM

I adored the show when I saw the original staging in London and it was immediately apparent why, in its day, it became an immediate international phenomenon.  The experience doesn't translate as well with a proscenium stage.  I did enjoy it on tour many years ago, but the magic of the immersive experience simply can't be replicated with a proscenium.  I don't think it's a "terrible" show at all.  It's certainly an easy target for ridicule, esp

Company Previews ThreadThird preview is also stopped again tonight  Mar 9 2020, 01:27:46 PM

shout out to Elaine Stritch's iconic offbeat TELEPHONE

One of my favorite moments on the cast recording. 
"...deep talks, long walks, TELEPHONE calls..."

SOME LIKE IT HOT Musical to Have World Premiere in Chicago in 2021  Mar 9 2020, 12:28:22 PM

It's definitely a strong team attached to the project.  Considering the Tootsie "backlash", I'm surprised they're moving forward with it, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.  

A Sequel To West Side Story  Mar 9 2020, 09:48:37 AM

Do we "need" any musical?  Not really.

Which show after SPRING AWAKENING and RENT?  Mar 9 2020, 09:42:59 AM


Flying Over Sunset  Mar 5 2020, 03:51:48 PM

There's clearly no frontrunner this season.

When the reviews come out, I wouldn't be surprise to see Six emerge as the frontrunner.

Company Previews ThreadThird preview is also stopped again tonight  Mar 5 2020, 03:46:55 PM

The “not the best singer but the acting makes up for it” does frustrate me a bit

It shouldn't.  That attitude has been around for decades.  From Carol Channing to Tonya Pinkins, there have been plenty of performers whose acting has earned them more respect than their singing.

Love Never Dies to broadway 2021?  Mar 5 2020, 01:56:19 PM

The Beauty Underneath took me out of the show i both the original London production and the US Tour because it is so heinously AWFUL.  Seriously, one of ALW's worst.  Rewriting bits of it wasn't going to help.  It's like removing lumps out of sour milk to try and make it taste better.  And adding the new POTO bit at the beginning was like a neon sign attempting to point out the obvious.  He wanted another creepy contemporary-sounding song for the Phantom t

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME/Britney Spears musical to play pre-Broadway Chicago engagement  Mar 4 2020, 12:55:38 PM

Are we sure Simon Callow isn't a voiceover, like Judi Dench was for Into the Woods?

I didn't even think of that.  Now I feel a bit deflated.  For nearly 45 minutes, I had my heart set on seeing Simon Callow in a Britney Spears fairytale princess musical.  

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