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you don't support democrats. why should your ketchup?

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Democrats are grouped together too. But, I dont do that.
I have been lucky enough to have eye-opening moments and I just feel that if everyone starts being a little more open about this, (warning: cheesy) then this country will be a better place. I have spent my time on Capital Hill. The close-mindedness and horrible name calling isnt there, its in the general public.
I am afraid that nothing is going to be improved in the future if we keep heading along on such a bias track. We will only have deadlock and name-calling.

The comments dont offend me. Believe me, I hear it all at school.
I just hope that maybe I can cause at least one person to think of everyone as individuals and perhaps diminish their stereotypical politcal opinions of others.

And you thought that people go into politics just for the power re: you don't support democrats. why should your ketchup? It's this horrible "change the world" syndrome I have.
"My friends have made the story of my life." -Helen Keller
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
I would imagine that not so much name-calling goes on in Washington because
a) Politicians aren't petulant teenagers
b) If they talk trash, the press will report it (as we all know too well)
c) They have to work together all the time.

And c is probably the most important reason. It's easy enough to say, "Republicans suck!" when you only know a few Republicans on a message board. It's harder when you have to serve on a committee with that Republican, or even sponsor a bill with them.