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the border crisis- Page 2

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the border crisis

Posted: 4/25/21 at 12:11pm

"The four men on here who won't speak of Ted Cruz's sociopathic behavior are DannyChicago/Roxy/Yankee and the extra abhorrent JGPR2. They also won't condemn the white terrorists storming the Capitol. Just crickets on that one yet last summer they were "horrified" by the "violence" of BLM protests. They also will casually defend child rapists/rapists/racists and the entire GOP/KKK members in DC."

You are such a pompous fool who does not get that half of the stuff I post (Off-Topic) is over the top just to "push your buttons". Rush Limbaugh's death was news item to me, nothing more and nothing less. I knew full well that saying I would not join in on the "celebration" of his death you would react the way you did, mission accomplished -lol. I did not did not know I had to make sure I got on BWW and shout from the rooftops that people storming the Capitol on Jan 6th were wrong and should be punished. Correct me if I am wrong but a bunch of those people are in jail, compare that to how many BLM protestors are in jail - just saying . BTW - The Capitol Police officer that died did not die due to the "riot" on the Capitol. The officer died of natural causes. If you were good with the BLM protests all last summer than enjoy explaining to people who lost their business that it is no big deal. Really, you need to come out and admit it. You believe anybody white, male, straight and not liberal is evil and the world would be better place if they were eliminated from the planet -lol.

As for the border crisis. I believe over 1 million people come into this country a year legally even during Trump's four years. I will go out on a limb and say probably very few of them are white so that should make you happy. What message does the current situation send to the people who went thru the legal immigration process properly when they see others just come in and not have to take the steps they did to enter country. I believe every Democrat running for POTUS raised their hand saying they thought we all should pay for the health care of people here illegally and then you wonder why there is a surge to the border. Serious question for you. Should Biden be able to stop building part of wall that Congress already approved the funding of it being built? Trump had border situation under control, Biden should have not done anything different. Congress needs to get their act together and finally pass meaningful immigration legislation.  I am out.

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the border crisis

Posted: 4/27/21 at 12:06pm
How many surges happened under trump?
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the border crisis

Posted: 4/28/21 at 12:35pm

:::I knew full well that saying I would not join in on the "celebration" of his death you would react the way you did, mission accomplished -lol.:::

That's a weird aspect of missions, isn't it? You might as well call yourself psychic: "I predict I will alienate people with this post... SEE! I TOLD YOU!!!"  Um, yay for you?

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