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Christine Ebersole stole the show in War Paint  May 9 2020, 07:30:49 PM
The two women wanted nothing to do with each other. I get wanting to see Christine and Patti play opposite each other, but it seems like it would have been a stretch for something like this, especially when the characters wouldn’t even say each other’s name. IMO.

Christine Ebersole stole the show in War Paint  May 9 2020, 10:37:16 AM

They couldn't really act opposite each other since the characters never met in real life unless the writers went fictional which they weren't going for. I personally loved the show, but Christine was the standout. She had the better opening number and by far the better 11 o'clock number.

Christine Ebersole stole the show in War Paint  May 9 2020, 09:06:18 AM

She had the best role, and best performance.  Patti was her servant in that show.  Thoughts?

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 3 2020, 10:20:44 PM

They get donations, and money from the government. But in terms of actual money that's made, most of it comes from galas, and after that, out of staters paying 25 bucks to get in. Hogan, do you understand they have to pay the curators and the artists working on their exhibits? People constantly coming in and out of the museum to build them. This costs millions of dollars that they wouldn't have to pay if they were shut down. Limiting the amount of people to come in

Sienna Miller in Cabaret  May 3 2020, 10:09:13 PM

I think Sienna is the only one that would have had a chance to win the Tony. I agree Emma Stone would have been nominated, but I still think she would have lost to Jessie Mueller who was brilliant in Beautiful! Sienna said she felt like she artistically peaked doing Cabaret. I  didn't know much of her work going in, but I was blown away by her!! Ben Brantley said "I hate to keep telling people to go back to the cabaret, old chum, but Ms. Miller is a revelation here, the most rea

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 2 2020, 05:46:55 PM
Restricting entry is not going to pay the cost of running.
Also, the 13 million is what they get from the met ball alone. They charge over 100,000 to have an event there. It’s a shame this happened on their 150th anniversary.

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 2 2020, 11:26:19 AM

The only one that seems determined and untethered from reality is YOU. If it’s not safe to be in a theatre, it sure as hell ain’t safe to be in a museum with thousands of people coming through every day spreading the virus.

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 2 2020, 06:39:12 AM
They could also limit the number of people who go into a Broadway theatre as well, but it doesn’t make business sense. These museums also need money. Their main source of income is from events and galas which would presumably be cancelled, just like the Met Ball has been. It doesn’t make sense for them to keep a massive museum open just for a few people to trickle in throughout the day.

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 2 2020, 04:44:30 AM

Hogan, you're the one that's saying the museums should be able to open before the theatre. That makes absolutely no sense to me. There are more people in a museum during the day than any theatre at night. 

Sienna Miller in Cabaret  May 2 2020, 04:39:53 AM

It didn't seem like acting to me when I saw Sienna Miller.  Throughout the show when she was getting drugged up, I really believed it.  I also thought she was so funny and heartbreaking. The other two sally's of the 2014 revival didn't do it for me.

Sienna Miller in Cabaret  May 1 2020, 08:35:29 PM

She was the best Sally Bowles there ever was.  Who else saw this incredible performance?

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 1 2020, 01:59:09 PM
LOL when is the last time u went to the met? The place is a zoo. Easily thousands of people in one room at the same time.

Cuomo Snubs Broadway  May 1 2020, 02:17:38 AM

Let's also talk about museums for a second. Why were they not a part of this group? The Met has been re-scheduling new exhibit openings for this fall. If Broadway is going to remain shut, then museums, concert halls, bars, clubs, fashion shows, galas, and restaurants better be too is all I got to say.  

Shut down until June 7  Apr 10 2020, 07:25:12 AM

Wouldn't that hurt future sales though? I think if the box office stays open, it keeps them relevant.  If they were to freeze it, Broadway would be even more shut down. 

Shut down until June 7  Apr 9 2020, 08:32:43 PM
If most shows won’t make it, why don’t they announce closing? You speak so definitively, and you know nothing other than your terrible predictions of what you think might happen. Please stop!

Shut down until June 7  Apr 9 2020, 04:46:42 PM

your charts, articles, and information is all speculation.  I think i'll listen to insiders who actually understand the business, unlike you.

Shut down until June 7  Apr 9 2020, 04:30:29 PM

It will not be just the theaters. Sports events, malls, street fairs, public celebrations, parades, churches, museums, etc.. The challenging problem will be the public transportation system.

Isn't this the situation we are already in? Non essential work is shut down. This conversation started with the question of what happens when non essential work starts up again. 


Shut down until June 7  Apr 9 2020, 04:25:35 PM

You are clueless other than your terrible predictions. If the community thought nobody was going to the theatre any time soon, as you do, why are they in such a rush to open up?

Shut down until June 7  Apr 9 2020, 04:08:36 PM

But then why would they be able to do anything else? Why would everything else start to open except the theatre? Thats my question. How is it fair for people to go to some places, but not others?

Shut down until June 7  Apr 9 2020, 02:28:55 PM

When the theatres open up, the city will be back to work.  I wasn't insinuating people use their unemployment money to go see a show lol

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