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Norah Jones
Posted by junglered 2004-08-15 13:35:01

Hello All!

Last night was a wonderful one at Atlanta's Chastain Park Ampitheatre. The evening temperature was cool for the menthol-cool stylings of singer-songwriter Norah Jones. The sold-out crowd was enthralled by this relative newcomer who possesses a mature, ethereal voice which is unique but at the same time reminds some of a mellow Bonnie Raitt or Rickie Lee Jones. Norah was joined onstage with her Handsome Band and gave the audience a nice serving of her special blend of music which has touches of pop, country, bluegrass, and jazz in it. The diverse audience loved her! Norah opened with "What Am I To You" from her sophomore effort 'Feels Like Home'. She then played "Nightingale" from her multi-Grammy winning debut CD 'Come Away With Me'. She carried on a nice banter with the audience and seemed enthralled with the beauty of the candles illuminating the outdoor seating area. She even busted a guy seated at a table close to the stage for licking a plate of brownies during one of her songs! You could have heard the proverbial pin drop when Norah sang her version of the Hoagy Carmichael classic "The Nearness of You". Norah romped through selections from her 2 CDs including "Turn Me On", "Feelin The Same Way", "Humble Me" and "Creepin In", and received a huge roar for her mega-hits "Don't Know Why" and "Come Away With Me" carefully tucked away toward the end of her concert. The audience didn't let Norah get away too far as she came back for a three song encore which included my personal favorite "Painter Song" from her debut CD. As I drained my last glass of wine for the evening, I felt sure that Ms. Jones will have a long and promising career.

Who else likes Norah Jones?


re: Norah Jones
Posted by Broadwayboobs 2004-08-15 13:50:39

Excellent review made me feel like I was there. I love Norah too. Thanks again for always sharing your reviews with us.

re: Norah Jones
Posted by junglered 2004-08-15 13:57:33

Thanks, Boobs!

re: Norah Jones
Posted by Rathnait62 2004-08-15 13:59:44

Lucky you, junglered!

re: Norah Jones
Posted by junglered 2004-08-15 14:11:11

Yes, lucky me. It was a great evening!

re: Norah Jones
Posted by kissmycookie 2004-08-15 23:59:44

I adore Norah too. But I decided to skip her concert at Jones Beach, because I didn't think it's a venue that would suit her. Way too big and certainly not intimate. Would have preferred if she played the Beacon like she did last year. That was heaven, especially sitting third row center.

But glad to hear that you had an awesome time!

re: Norah Jones
Posted by StickToPriest 2004-08-16 00:07:20

I am in love with her. Can't wait to see her Oct 18 here in her hometown of Dallas!

re: Norah Jones
Posted by shira467 2004-08-16 04:39:21

I saw her at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. She was simply wonderful. It's great when there can just be music. No flashy lights or costume changes. Just music.

re: Norah Jones
Posted by WiCkEd4LyFfE 2004-08-16 11:16:17

i like Norah a lot. her music is so calming. Everyone calls her Snorah Jones because her voice makes people drowsy.