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Male, baritone solos?
Posted by jonadele 2013-04-11 22:55:16

I'm looking for a male, baritone solo - preferably dramatic, but nothing to heavy. It's for my final in my High School Musical Theatre class.

I'm not the most amazing singer in the world meaning I'm not trained. I like to think I sing well for what I've been taught. I have a wide range vocally, but I'm known as a comedic actor in my school so I'm looking for something to knock their socks off. Prefer to play someone older, maybe 30+ ish?

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables has crossed my mind, but it's a little cliche. I've also considered If I Were A Rich Man, and This Moment from Jekyll & Hyde. I'm completely fine with something barely known.

Thanks a bunch!

Male, baritone solos?
Posted by springawak 2013-04-21 18:24:15

-Epiphany or My Friends from Sweeny Todd can be some pretty heavy pieces.
-Anything that Javert sings in Les Mis
-Something that the phantom sings in Phantom of the Opera
(Sorry if these are too cliche, it's hard to think of really dramatic baritone solos that aren't super popular)
Good Luck!!!