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Student Blogger: Kelly Schwantes


Student Blog: The New Normal: Should it Stay or Should it Go?
June 7, 2021

As I sit here breathing the same air as my neighbor, I wonder to myself: what practices learned from COVID-19 should remain, and what should we bid farewell to in the theatre?

Student Blog: Kelly's Top Ten Tips for Undergraduate Theatre Majors
May 25, 2021

If you clicked this link, you know what to (generally) expect. Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my top ten tips for students starting or finishing their university theatre studies.

Student Blog: God I Hope I Get It!: Applying For Your First Arts Job Isn't Easy
May 18, 2021

In this unprecedented merger of COVID-19 and post-graduate life, you have nothing but time to search and prepare for a job opening. I have spent the last five months scouring LinkedIn, ArtSearch, League of Chicago Theatres, and contacting references, professors, colleagues, and more in an attempt to find the perfect entry-level arts management position.

Student Blog: What My Internship Taught Me About My Love for Theatre
April 23, 2021

As you can image, this was certainly a different take on the arts than I had been exposed to before. Thankfully, the learning curve was not steep, because I quickly fell in love with engaging the community and bringing innovate and enjoyable performances to Indianapolis.

Student Blog: So You Want To Talk About Senioritis
April 6, 2021

If you're not familiar with the term, senioritis is the feeling students get their final year in college, high school, or even middle school (we've all been there, 8th grade is hard). As we understand it, there are two main kinds of senioritis: nostalgia and anxiety. Let us take a moment to examine each strain in an attempt to self-diagnose.

Student Blog: An Organic Reflection on College Living as an Artist
March 23, 2021

This blog was going to be about something completely different, but once I started writing I realized that there were more important things I wanted to say and people I wanted to recognize. I was also listening to Benn Platt’s studio album, so go figure. This blog is dedicated to those eight magnificent people; go dawgs.

Student Blog: Types of Theatre Arts Classes I Recommend Taking
March 12, 2021

Whether you find them at your university or in your community, take advantage of these unique performance techniques!

BWW Blog: Looking to Join a Club? Join APO!
February 18, 2021

As the current treasurer of Alpha Psi Omega, Omicron Epsilon Chapter at Butler University, here some key components and takeaways of my APO experience.

BWW Blog: What It's Like To Be a (First-Time) Student Stage Manager During COVID-19
February 4, 2021

What was I getting myself into!? Well, now that I’ve had ample time to reflect on this experience, I can tell you exactly what I got myself into.