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Kristen Morale

Kristen was born and raised in Brooklyn, and is a graduate of both Saint Francis College and Hunter College, with degrees in English and Musical Theatre. She enjoys going to any show, from community theater to Broadway productions, and especially loves musicals; "The Phantom of the Opera” and “Sweeney Todd" are among her favorites. By day, Kristen is an HR Coordinator but continues to pursue her interest in theater by seeing great performances and writing a bit about them; she’s also been in a few shows within both NY and MA. She admires the theater community, and is happy to continue writing for BroadwayWorld. 




BWW Review: Never Losing Hope With SEX, SHOPLIFTING AND ROCK & ROLL at Theater For Th PhotoBWW Review: Never Losing Hope With SEX, SHOPLIFTING AND ROCK & ROLL at Theater For The New City
Posted: May. 28, 2021


BWW Review: Never Losing Hope With SEX, SHOPLIFTING AND ROCK & ROLL at Theater For Th PhotoBWW Review: Never Losing Hope With SEX, SHOPLIFTING AND ROCK & ROLL at Theater For The New City
Posted: May. 28, 2021

BWW Review: The Fist Pumping Phenomenon of POP PUNK HIGH at (le) poisson rouge
October 17, 2018

You have officially entered pop-punk paradise: a place where the people eat, sleep and breathe the essence of punk culture, channeling their thickly eyelined, rebellious year 2003-selves to walk in the famed footsteps of Avril Lavigne. It is a place where teenage angst and insecurity lend themselves to the formation of the baddest, "punkest" star whom the entire student body respects. This paradise is actually a high school, where the opportunity to rock out like Green day is met with the need to face and understand the person you find yourself to be. The ups and downs of self-discovery are set to a wicked pop-punk sound in this bizarre and brave musical that is Pop Punk High, now in performances at the West Village's iconic (le) poisson rouge.

BWW Review: Something is So Right About THE WRONG BOX at Theatre for the New City
September 14, 2018

With book, music and lyrics written by Kit Goldstein Grant, directedchoreographed by Michael Chase Gosselin and based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne, The Wrong Box now celebrates its World Premiere at Theater for the New City as part of its Dream Up Festival. Grant and Gosselin now come together since having worked on Grant's The Nose, and their joint efforts truly show the magic to be found in this collaboration. Grant's plot of wayward characters who winner of the tontine, to wreaking havoc in the baggage area of a train on its way to the middle of nowhere and a random moment of drunkenness, The Wrong Box takes a complex plot and not only tests the audience's sense of humor, but also our ability to follow along. If understood completely, this is one hell of a crazy ride.

BWW Review: Dreaming the Reality of Life in Yukich's APES AT PLAY
September 8, 2018

Written and directed by Yukich and presented as part of the Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City, Apes at Play is a short but ironically succinct piece that gets to the core of what it means to live within the possibility of the inexplicable.

BWW Review: A Shakespearean Run with Food and Fun: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM
August 14, 2018

Directed by Dan Hasse and in association with the Access Theater, which has given rise to youthful, unique productions for the last twenty-six years, A Midsummer Night's Dream is the most fun you will have at any Shakespearean production for an endless number of reasons. Not only does this unbelievable and versatile cast of six bring out the wackiness of this work, they are able to harbor the more emotional side of it through the unique means of food and song; they complement tradition with modern creativity, and it is truly as magical as I would imagine Shakespeare intended his play to be.

BWW Review: Irish Playwrights Overcome and Conquer with GET THE BOAT and INNIT
August 3, 2018

The Soho Playhouse presents the North American debut of two Irish female playwrights and their influential plays: Eevan Brennan's and Siobhan Donnellan's Get the Boat and Colette Forde's Innit. Both were featured at the Limerick Fringe Festival in 2017, and both are now spreading awareness of a troubled world to a New York audience. Theirs are unique, subjective visions of the reality that is faced by the Irish people; simply writing about these issues could never have prepared an audience for how poignant are the stories they would hear told

BWW Review: Drifting in the Somber Magic of THE BLUE ROOM
July 17, 2018

Currently in performances at the WhiteBox Art Space and under the direction of Max Hunter, the Bridge Production group presents The Blue Room in all its beauty. Last seen on Broadway a decade ago and starring Nicole Kidman, Hare's play is an adaptation of La Ronde: a series of vignettes that penetrate the audience's collective soul by digging into the secrets of what makes humans crave that carnal sexuality of others - sometimes complete strangers.

BWW Review: It Takes an Office in Solnik's Compelling New Play GRACE IS GOOD
June 29, 2018

Recently concluding its extended run at Theater for the New City, Director Scott David Reeves, Slonik and the Textile Company presented Grace is Good as a play for the #metoo conversation. It is a play which cleverly takes people's preconceptions and molds them into something not quite fact, not quite fiction, to the extent that the truth becomes what each person makes it.

BWW Review: What Lies Beyond Ideality in A.R. Gurney's THE FOURTH WALL
June 14, 2018

Presented by Theater Breaking Through Barriers and under the direction of Christopher Burris, The Fourth Wall is anything but inhibiting, especially in terms of its creation. This Off-Broadway company brings actors with and without disabilities together to break stereotypes and portray how little there is separating all those who wish to bring their love of theater to an audience. The collaborative efforts of a diverse cast are proven successful in this rather momentous production of a show not many people can acknowledge as having seen.

BWW Review: An Ode to the Theater's Tale in Martin Tackel's STAGE LIFE
May 31, 2018

Now playing at the Lion Theatre in Times Square, Stage Life is truly an ode not only to the actor, but anyone who has ever been inspired by the theater to make it their life's work. From actor to playwright, to producer and teacher alike, this is theater in its truest, diverse and most appreciated form – right on Theater Row.

BWW Review: Resistance Takes its Toll in The Seeing Place Theater's THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE
May 17, 2018

Adapted and directed by Brandon Walker and presented by The Seeing Place Theater, The People vs. Antigone recently concluded its run at the Paradise Factory; it was one of three shows presented as part of the Whistleblower series. Depicting the 'odd man (or woman) out' as the tragic hero of their own story, the audience is given a chance to understand the dynamics of one who fights against an authority that strips people of their right to be human beings - all with the irony of supposedly doing it for the people. How can we understand a person who doesn't simply comply with what she is told, or accept what so blatantly shouldn't be? In an era where everyone seems to have a purpose or agenda, a zealousness to their step when standing up for the world's injustices, do they look at the wrongs being done or simply recognize their part of a movement towards something?

BWW Review: A Shocking Find In New Wave Theater Collective's THE ANGEL OF ALLEGHENY COUNTY
May 2, 2018

Written by Alec Silberblatt and directed by Daniella Caggiano, The Angel of Allegheny County is truly a theatrical work of art that is a mix of so many significant elements. It is an intricate play that compels audiences to not only think about what is right and wrong, but also the human capability to create the grey matter in between. Each character understands her place in the world and the limits that status sets, but each nonetheless finds the loophole that gives them more power over something not meant to be in her control.

BWW Review: Shooting Us to the Quick with Arje Shaw's NY Premiere of MOOLAH
April 25, 2018

As said in Arje's Shaw dramatic comedy Moolah, people are in constant change: from day to day and minute-to-minute, we gradually inch our way towards who and what we want to be. A sound enough philosophy - that is, until you factor in a transvestite right out of Bellevue who cuts hair by day and kills people by night, his cousin who cannot get enough money and a vengeful family that puts hits on their nearest and dearest. Being the person you wish to be is thwarted by trying to survive your family's attempt to kill you... if you only knew when they were coming.

BWW Preview: Eastern Bridge Theatre Troupe Springs Ahead with New Season
April 6, 2018

Eastern Bridge continues in the telling of otherwise unheard stories with both a new board of directors and an exciting monthly series. Anna Rak is joined by new members Kanja Grobler (Co-Artistic Director) and Irina Bravo (Director of Design and Marketing) to lead the Troupe into a successful new season - a goal that, no matter how diverse its parts, brings these individuals together with unified purpose.

You Can't Go Wrong with Wrong House Productions' SKETCHY SKETCH NIGHT
March 24, 2018

What isn't there to love about sketch comedy? It is the true meeting of the dramatic and comedic, mixed in with individual creativity to create a very casual and ideal way to begin the weekend. And who doesn't want to have a good laugh over silly (yes, there were farts) yet clever skits that will easily lighten anyone's mood? The place to be on Friday night was the TADA! Theater, where Wrong House Productions presented Sketchy Sketch Night. A one night event that drew sold out crowds of people whose aim it was to have a great time, the party that was Sketchy Sketch Night began even before the audience walked through the door; the fun that ensued made this one enjoyable and rather unique theatrical experience.

BWW Review: Loving You to Death in Nogueira's THE IDEAL OBITUARY
March 12, 2018

Written and directed by Rodrigo Nogueira (the latter with assistance from Valerie Mudek) and now presented at the Tank, The Ideal Obituary makes for quite the interesting play for more reasons that one. Produced in association with Torn Page and Apt 929 Studios, it is considered a dark comedy that the audience needs to dig in the darkest corner of their minds to find. The play gives the plain fact of this woman's rather bleak circumstances off the bat: once in the grasp of a debilitating sadness, she is suddenly struck with this euphoria that she will make any crude comment or travel any distance to keep; she would even sacrifice what she loves most.

BWW Review: Everyone Deserves the Chance to See Theater 2020's ASSASSINS
February 27, 2018

The extraordinary is turned ordinary when the need to be heard, to believe in the right of happiness, overcomes what reason dictates one should do to achieve it; reason becomes as much of an ally as it is a weapon. What is so beautiful about Sondheim's Assassins is not only how the root of such an evil deed is understood as something so human, but this 'American Musical Comedy' is nothing short of brilliant - especially when presented by Brooklyn Heights' own Theater 2020.

BWW Review: The Best of Brooklyn Happens at Lemme's 50th & 4th
February 24, 2018

50th & 4th, a fantastic new play now in performances at UNDER St. Mark's, is a comical, intense and very truthful look at a couple living in Sunset Park, and what it really means to feel displaced - what it means to feel loved - no matter where you are from. As part of the 2018 Frigid Festival, which offers audiences the chance to see 30 productions (no more than sixty minutes in length) between two venues on the Lower East Side, 50th & 4th now debuts with a bang appropriate for any play set in the great borough of Brooklyn. Written by comedian Mike Lemme and directed by Tara Cioletti, this has quickly become a favorite out of the smaller productions I have reviewed.

BWW Review: FRANKENSTEIN Is Alive at St. Luke's Theatre
February 1, 2018

Directed by Clint Hromsco and produced by John Lant and Tamra Pica (in association with Write Act Repertory), Frankenstein boasts a book, music and lyrics by Eric B. Sirota, major contributions from Julia Sirota and also the help of Sharon Sudol and Cara London. Now in performances at the St. Luke Theatre in the heart of Times Square, the show is presented to a New York audience after being chosen as an official selection of the New York Musical Festival's 2015 reading series. Frankenstein: A New Musical is based on Mary Shelley's classic novel, which just celebrated its two-hundredth anniversary this past January.

BWW Review: The Icy Touch of Blessed Unrest's THE SNOW QUEEN
January 12, 2018

The Snow Queen is based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson and is written by Matt Opatrny. Developed as part of New Victory Labworks at the New Victory Theater in New York, and inspired by the ideas of an ambitious fourth grade class at P.S. 3, this show is now in performances at the New Ohio Theatre under the direction of Jessica Burr. A beautiful story of love, The Snow Queen is the innocence of a child meshed with the trials of adulthood: lives that are affected by the inexplicable, obstacles that need a determined heart to overcome, and a love made stronger by the knowledge that success is somehow knowingly right around the corner. It is a story that teaches its audience that a child's love for her best friend is nothing short of spectacular, and our main character Gerda's pursuit of her best friend after he has been abducted by the Snow Queen gives her the fortitude we all wish to have - the ability to believe in the impossible.

BWW Review: Exquisite Seduction Takes the Stage at CRUEL INTENTIONS: THE MUSICAL
December 13, 2017

Just let your senses roam free for a moment and imagine what this feels like: the comfort of a dark room filled with friends and strangers alike, the euphoria of a few drinks clouding the mind, the electricity of trouble brewing in the air as the band takes the stage. Gear your thoughts towards your favorite nighttime pleasure, enhanced by the talents of theatrical superstars. When you walk through the doors of (le) Poisson Rouge, the sexy and cruelly delicious sights and sounds of Cruel Intentions: The Musical seduce you the moment you enter. Everything you've ever wanted in a show is here: it is a tantalizing night out mixed with incredible voices and charm, as much a tribute to the 90's as it is a beautiful new take on an iconic classic. Cruel Intentions returns in all its glory to the West Village for a much-anticipated encore - and oh, are you going to love it even more this time around.

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