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Cybele Pomeroy Cybele Pomeroy graduated from Loyola College, before it had grown up and become Loyola University, where she studied writing, literature, education and drama. She never studied costuming, improv or physical comedy but does them anyway. She thinks of herself as a theater tech though most of the money she's earned has been for performance. She's equally proud of her 17-minute limerick operetta with audience sing-a-long, Don Juan The Iguana and her 3 1/2-hour Watergate! The Musical (yes, intermission was 18 1/2 minutes) and was lead writer on a conflict-resolution computer game called Harmony Island. Her first name rhymes with "foretell", not "dribble".



BWW Review: GODSPELL Speaks to Contemporary Audiences At Toby's In Columbia PhotoBWW Review: GODSPELL Speaks to Contemporary Audiences At Toby's In Columbia
Posted: Sep. 5, 2021


BWW Review: ELF - THE MUSICAL at Toby's Dinner Theater PhotoBWW Review: ELF - THE MUSICAL at Toby's Dinner Theater
Posted: Jul. 6, 2021

BWW Review: GODSPELL Speaks to Contemporary Audiences At Toby's In Columbia PhotoBWW Review: GODSPELL Speaks to Contemporary Audiences At Toby's In Columbia
Posted: Sep. 5, 2021

BWW Review: Theatre Project Welcomes Back Happenstance With BROUHAHA
May 10, 2016

The performers of Happenstance Theater engage, intrigue, cavort, emote and display both physical precision and a remarkable range of organically produced sound effects. BROUHAHA's story, insofar as there is a story, lies in the development of the relationship between this cadre of classical clowns and the newcomers- that is to say, us, the audience. We become conspirators in the greatest of comi-tragic secrets: even in the direst of times, there is yet opportunity for playfulness and joy.

BWW Review: Center Stage's DETROIT '67 at Towson University Proves Worth The Geographic Challenge
April 20, 2016

Center Stage, though undergoing renovations, presents DETROIT '67 at Towson University's Mainstage Theatre. The full-scale production, which features familiar characters and witty, realistic dialogue, includes excellent technical effects, a clever, accurately detailed set and snappy pacing.

BWW Review: MOTOWN Races Through Charm City
March 9, 2016

MOTOWN the Musical could've been a hokey disaster that tried to cobble great hits together in some strained reach of a storyline, but it isn't. MOTOWN's plot is not contrived but completely realistic and heart-warmingly human. Baltimore and Motor City may be more like strained siblings than kissing cousins, but in some deep sense, Detroit IS Baltimore and this musical will resonate most particularly here, most particularly now. MOTOWN deserves to be not just a Broadway phenomenon but a part of our collective culture. It's fun, it's funny, it's sexy and it's full of the sort of hopeful commitment to brighter futures that used to be part of the American Dream.

BWW Review: PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Soars Into The Hippodrome
February 1, 2016

The tech and scale of this North American touring production of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA are, in a word, magnificent. It is a spectacle of spectacles, and set designer Paul Brown deserves his own ovation. The sound, brilliantly executed by the Hippodrome techs and cleverly imagined by designer Mick Potter, creates an immersive environment which gives the unseen title character location and substance.

BWW Review: THE 39 STEPS Climbs To Comedic Heights At Fells Point Corner Theatre
January 21, 2016

Let's say you like farce. Let's say you like Hitchcock films. Let's say you want a posh production for a shoestring budget. Let's say you need a cast of thousands but only have four actors. Let's say it's a long shot. But it might work. It could work. And THE 39 STEPS, now playing at Fells Point Corner Theatre, does work, very well.

BWW Review: SOUND OF MUSIC Sings Familiar Notes at the Hippodrome
December 14, 2015

If you like THE SOUND OF MUSIC, do go see it at the Hippodrome. You won't be disappointed. If you don't like THE SOUND OF MUSIC, (hard to imagine, but some folk don't), there's no reason to think that this production will change your mind.

BWW Review: CABARET NOIR Presents Hardboiled Theatre, Cinema Style
November 10, 2015

If you enjoyed CABARET MACABRE, you'll be pleased by CABARET NOIR. Imagine a favorite musical artist releasing a new album: it's familiar but fresh. The Cabaret is a series of film-like clips, presented possibly in chronological order… or perhaps not. It's hard to tell. There is a glimmer of story, a hatful of characters, a whisper of atmosphere, a smorgasbord of music and a scent of mystery. Those who love Film Noir will be delighted, those who don't care for it will be charmed and amused, and those who don't know about it will never hereafter be able to take it seriously. Those who have never heard of Happenstance Theatre and its current show CABARET NOIR are seriously missing out on a wonderful thing.

BWW Review: SOMETHING'S AFOOT Steps Lively At Vagabond
October 23, 2015

Once again, Vagabonds produces a heartwarming show full of laughs, props and loveable, resplendently costumed characters. If you're in the mood for a happy, snappy little musical with a measure of murder in the mix, SOMETHING'S AFOOT is your cosy cup of tea.

BWW Review: POE'S LAST STANZA Impresses at The Grand
October 22, 2015

POE'S LAST STANZA is presented in two acts, and features Poe's works, quotations, foibles, proclivities and unhinged outbursts. Kelso and Thompson as Poe and the Barmaid confidently carry the audience through a gamut of emotions while bringing Baltimore's Bard to vibrant, flawed, beautiful human life. If you've ever felt that you'd like to sit down to have drinks with Edgar Allan Poe, please treat yourself to this show, as you'll be doing just that.

BWW Reviews: Catch PIPPIN Flying At The Hippodrome
June 26, 2015

PIPPIN does what musical theatre ought to do: hooks you with a great opening number, gives you characters to love and hate, treats your senses with song, dance, costuming, sets and lights and offers fresh perspective on a timeless theme.

BWW Reviews: THE WELL OF HORNINESS Pumps Pulchritudinous Punchlines Through Theatre Project
June 7, 2015

THE WELL OF HORNINESS, the current production playing at Theatre Project, has madcap motion, familiar characters, sexy action sequences/active sex sequences and clever, punny wordplay for ninety minutes front to back. It's funny, raunchy, ridiculous and insubstantial. Go. Take your popcorn.

BWW Reviews: National Tour of WICKED Rolls Into Hippodrome
April 6, 2015

For some reason, people have brought a great many little girls to see WICKED. It didn't seem to me a particularly child-friendly novel, but since the musical stage production shares about as much with Gregory Maguire's novel as Disney's Little Mermaid did with the story written by Hans Christian Andersen, that's probably fine.

BWW Reviews: Glass Mind Theatre's THE DUM DUMS Provides Visual Yum Yums at Gallery 788
March 30, 2015

I rather wanted to call Glass Mind Theatre's THE DUM DUMS a weird little piece of experimental theatre, but it is, in fact, a plot-driven story, with regular people characters and a beginning middle and end, so not all that 'experimental' after all. It FEELS experimental, but in a good way.

BWW Reviews: THE REVELATION OF BOBBY PRITCHARD Engages, Unsettles, Amuses Audience
March 25, 2015

Rich Espy's THE REVELATION OF BOBBY PRITCHARD is a fine example of non-linear storytelling with personable, quirky characters who explore traditional values and non-traditional relationships with snappy dialogue, brisk action, shifting timelines and a story that should touch the heart of anyone who's ever loved anyone. Join Marta, who, with her family, dances with ghosts of her past, striving for a brighter present.

BWW Reviews: CHICAGO! Slays 'Em At The Hippodrome
March 23, 2015

Author's Note: The posting of this review was delayed due to family circumstances. CHICAGO! has moved on from Baltimore. It is my hope my review will be of use to audiences in other cities on CHICAGO!'s tour.

BWW Reviews: Baltimore's Bard Lights In Glen Burnie: POE'S LAST STANZA at the Sunset Restaurant
January 27, 2015

In its first flirtation with dinner theatre, the Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie presents POE'S LAST STANZA, offering the Baltimore area an evening with Edgar Allen Poe in his native environment: a tavern.

BWW Reviews: JEKYLL & HYDE Displays Both Good And Evil At Spotlighters
January 26, 2015

If you're often delighted at the large casts Spotlighters and director Fuzz Roarke regularly parades across its carport-sized stage, you'll be delighted again. If you're a fan of the musical direction of Michael Tan and the soaring nuanced vocals he coaxes from these large casts, anticipate another treat. If you admire sparse sets that become multiple settings with a word and a lighting shift, you will find praiseworthy versatility and smooth transitions. If you like theatre in the round and practically in your lap, prepare to catch an actor or two.

BWW Reviews: FORTUNE'S CHILD Debuts At Theatre Project
January 12, 2015

Local playwright Mark Scharf debuts a new show at Theatre Project. A small fragmented family works at dealing with the inevitabilities of life, finding joy and humor in unexpected moments.

BWW Reviews: Everyman Kills With DEATHTRAP
December 15, 2014

Everyman's new location provides a warm home for the 'cozy' DEATHTRAP. The high production values and seamless performances create an evening of humor-filled suspense.

BWW Reviews: Non-Stop Movement Marks NEWSIES Musical at The Hippodrome
December 4, 2014

NEWSIES showcases enthusiastic, athletic, acrobatic dancing- the Company is chockablock with high-end dancers equal to the complications of Christopher Gattelli's choreography, which deservedly earned this show one of its Tony awards.