Review: QUEER TO TELL: LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE at Soundspace At Captain Quack's

Emotional and honest stories that will make you cry, laugh, and love the queer community even more!

By: Jun. 02, 2024
Review: QUEER TO TELL: LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE at Soundspace At Captain Quack's
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Review: QUEER TO TELL: LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE at Soundspace At Captain Quack's
Allison Price (Director), Charlie Rodriguez (Co-creator), Holly Lorca, Jen Parkhill, Oraiah Ximenez, Chitah Daniels Kennedy (EMCEE), Amanda Bridge, Beauregard Elliot, James Hardin, Tom Delbello (Co-creator)
Queer To Tell: Love is Love is Love
PC: Lavender Public

On a warm evening in Austin, TX, the Soundspace stage at Captain Quack’s buzzed with excitement as people gathered in small groups to enjoy an evening of shared experiences and honest conversation. Lavender Public provides a platform to tell queer stories and this summer’s theme was Queer To TellLove is Love is Love. There was certainly a lot of love in the air that night and it was joyful and contagious! 

“We tell stories to get to know one another and realize that we are not alone” - Charlie Rodriguez, Lavender Public.

James Hardin set the tone for the evening with a captivating tale about his "imaginary boyfriend," a real man he encountered at a stand-up comedy event. Through a blend of irony and honesty, Hardin delved into his venture into stand-up comedy, sparked by an imagined romantic entanglement with a fellow comedian.  

Beauregard Elliot shared their story titled "First Ever Second Date," recounting their freshman college dating adventures, including the nerve-wracking experience of using their mom’s credit card to pay for the date, an unintended chaperone at a movie theatre, and the surprise of a first kiss, complete with tongue.

Review: QUEER TO TELL: LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE at Soundspace At Captain Quack's
Allison Price (Director) and Amanda Bridge (Writer)
Queer to Tell: Love is Love is Love
PC: Lavender Public

Amanda Bridge’s story "What We Want Most" was heart-wrenching and emotional. As a writer, Amanda compared her life experiences to the three acts of a hero’s journey. A love letter to self-discovery and self-acceptance, her storytelling was powerful, beautifully written, and straight from the heart. By the end of her segment, we all wanted to jump on stage and hug her, but we learned that she - at last - found her own happiness in the queer community and in the love of her life, and it was a beautiful thing to witness.

Oraiah Ximenez changed their name (Oraiah was originally their middle name) when they felt they didn’t fit within the confines of their birth gender and so their story was about finding who they were, accepting it, loving it, and knowing that those who love them most - family - would still love them no matter what! 

Jen Parkhill shared her poignant journey of self-discovery, recounting how she came to terms with her queerness in her late twenties, only to have her heart shattered by the first woman she ever loved. Her vivid portrayal of the emotional turmoil she experienced upon seeing her former lover again for the first time after the breakup stirred painful memories, evoking tears in many of us. It was a narrative delivered with raw sincerity straight from the heart.

Review: QUEER TO TELL: LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE at Soundspace At Captain Quack's
Holly Lorka (Writer)
Queer to Tell: Love is Love is Love

Holly Lorka concluded the evening with a heartfelt tribute to the City of Austin, celebrating its unique atmosphere of openness and warmth. Originally hailing from Arizona, Holly felt drawn to Austin after a vivid dream. In Austin she found acceptance, understanding, and love in abundance but after many years, she noticed changes in the city. When an opportunity arose to relocate closer to her wife's family in Ohio, she embraced it without foreseeing the challenges ahead. In a small Ohio town, she encountered closed-minded attitudes, with people either ignoring her queerness or avoiding the topic altogether. Holly’s story showcased the beauty of a Texas town that's surprisingly accepting and open to all, including queer folks!

Hosted by the multi-talented and hilarious Chitah Daniels Kennedy, the event was a rollercoaster of emotions—tears of joy and tears of heartbreak all around. Whether you found yourself seated next to a mom and her queer daughter, sharing laughs with a group of gay young men, or surrounded by your loved ones, the community made sure everyone felt equally welcome. Queer To Tell isn't a show just for the LGBTQIA+ community—it's for anyone with an open mind and a warm heart.

Happy PRIDE Month and embrace the RAINBOW!

Queer to Tell: Love is Love is Love

A Lavender Public Production

This was a one night only event.

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