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Review: Jarrott Productions' PET DICK - Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

Review: Jarrott Productions' PET DICK - Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

An Audio Documentary

Jarrott Productions has produced another hit. PET DICK is an absolutely hilarious 'audio documentary' that will have everyone in stitches. This series is creative, laugh-out-loud funny and uses the world class vocal talents of some Austin's best actors.

When I saw the pre-publicity for Jarrott's upcoming 'radio saga' PET DICK, written by Carlo Garcia, I knew we were all in for a rare treat. So I asked if I could get an advance copy, which producer and director David Jarrott kindly provided. I put the first three episodes on repeat and laughed myself silly all day. I promise no spoilers in this review.

The series has a Sam Spade spoof with all the grit you'd expect from a Bogart movie but with an amusing twist. The story unfolds as documentarian Jerry Westler (an eager, earnest Will Douglas) who has discovered a bunch of cassette tapes chronicling investigations into the deaths of local pets. The year is 1969 and our hero detective, Jerry Labinowicz (played superbly by Jason Graf) who exclusively investigates murders of the bark, purr or tweeting variety. Graf is a man with a golden voice who fluidly delivers joke on joke with polished grace. Actors who are able to convey a character using voice only are in a special class all by themselves. Graf reminds me of Peter Faulk in the hilarious movies Murder By Death and The Cheap Detective, all convoluted metaphors and a tough as nails vocabulary. In the episodes Graf and Douglas are joined by the talents of Amanda Cooley Davis, Amber Quick, Natalie D. Garcia, Erin Scialabba, Valoneecia Tolbert, Raul Garza, Kelsey Mazak, Mike Ooi, Tucker Shepherd, Sam Domino and Roderick Sanford. Austin acting elite indeed.

PET DICK has wonderful production values with sound design, recording and mixing by Craig Brock, the result is a feast for the ears. David Jarrott's directing is flawless and reminds me of the great radio shows of the past. Written by Carlo Garcia the series is fast paced, witty and charming. Each episode leaves one wanting more. Jarrott Productions is releasing one episode per week starting July 7th. I can't wait to see what happens next! I hope you will join me in listening to this hilarious offering from the stellar Jarrott Productions.


An Audio Documentary

By Carlo Garcia

Directed by David Jarrott

New episodes weekly starting July 7th.

Tickets: $15 - $18

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