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VIDEO: 122 Performers Come Together For Virtual RAGTIME Medley

The medley’s five songs include the Ragtime Prologue, Make Them Hear You, Till We Reach that Day, Back to Before, and Wheels of a Dream. 

VIDEO: 122 Performers Come Together For Virtual RAGTIME Medley

NYC-based actor and A.M.D.A. alumni, Conor Stepnowski, assembled and directed over 120 actors and musicians to perform in a completely virtual medley of five songs from the Tony award winning musical Ragtime.

This comes in light of the recent events unfolding in our nation surrounding the pandemic and the presidential election, as well as the outcry for equality for all Americans and growing support for the Black Lives Matter movement,

With music by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, orchestrations by William David Brohn, sound engineering/mixing by Neil McLinden, and the arrangement by director, Stepnowski, and music director, Brian Sweeney, this cast breathes new life into this epic Broadway masterpiece.

Watch the full video below!

The medley's five songs include the Ragtime Prologue, Make Them Hear You, Till We Reach that Day, Back to Before, and Wheels of a Dream.

The featured soloists include Nkrumah Gatling (Miss Saigon, Hair) as Coalhouse, Naomi Rodgers (Frozen) as Sarah's friend, Janessa Cortez as Mother, and Olivia White as Sarah.

Ensemble vocalists for the project include Colton Ryan (Dear Evan Hansen, Girl from the North Country), Tamar Greene (Hamilton), Mollie Downes (Chicago), Laura Elizabeth Flanagan (Cabaret), Jayson Kerr (How the Grinch Stole Christmas), Andy Tighe (Seesaw), Abigail Carter, Alyssa Marie Sneed, Valerie Torres-Rosario, Justine Verheul, Talia Cutulle, Michelle Foard, Lacey Lee Edwards, Aura Reza, Ebony Deloney, Brittany Graham, Yasmin Bitar, Liza Brown, Zaria Leonard White, Alana Knobel, Grace Jeffrey, Emma Haeberle, Emily Guerrero, Brooke Bennish, Liv Williams, Taylor Simon, Camryn Hampton, Adrian Bumpas, Sarah Vieira, Taylor Nelson, Janessa Lewis, Harley Barton, Mackenzie Jane Rollins, Katie Gray, Samantha Jaye, Caroline Rose, Tara Andujar, Catalina Rodriguez, Jessica McCuish, Sabrina Reed, Arlene Grave de Peralta, Olivia Roth, Josh Medina, Ryan Gregory Thurman, Asten Stewart, Ifedayo Gatling, Tyler McCall, Tyler Miclean, Neil McLinden, Katani Lewis, Matthew Harter, Timothy Wright, Andre Aultmon, Lucas Powell, Levane Harrington, Isaiah Josiah, Justin Jasiewicz, Gheremi Clay, Jorge Salazar, Joshua Thompson, Kwasi Perry, Murilo Ohl, Chibueze Ihuoma, Dorian McCall, Seth Diggs, Leighton Carcha, Randell McGee, Travis Lucas, Josh Romeo, Bobby O'Leary, and Conor Stepnowski.

The orchestra includes Brian Sweeney (Keys 1/MD), Drew Nichols (Organ Synth), and Christopher Chan (Credit Music)

Percussion: Josh Endlich (Drums Set/Percussion), Allan Randall (Drums/Cymbals/Tambourine/Glockenspiel), Eduardo Ortega (Timpani/Gran Casa/Chimes), Meagan Gillis (Xylophone)

Brass: Josh Ganci (Trumpet 1), William Leathers (Trumpet 1), Robert Garrison (Trumpet 2), Brandon Manning (Trumpet 2), Alexander Ramazanov (Trumpet 2), David Alexander (Horn 1), Logan Bryck (Horn 1), Shannon Zaykoski (Horn 2), Ryan Williamson (Horn 2), Jonathan Dowd (Trombone 1), Carlos Jimenez Fernandez (Trombone 1), Jenna Thomas (Bass Trombone), Colby Norton (Bass Trombone), David Mercedes (Tuba/Euphonium)

Reeds: Brian Schatz (Flute/Piccolo/B Flat Clarinet), Dan Handman (Bass Clarinet/ E Flat Clarinet), Ron Cohen Mann (Oboe), Flavia Valente (Piccolo)

Strings: Yaegy Park (Violin 1), Leerone Hakami (Violin 1), Mercedes Cullen (Violin 1), Shanae Anderson (Violin 2), Emily Kohn (Violin 2), Herbert Franca (Violin 2), Laura E. Flanagan (Violin 2), Tova Volcheck (Violin 2), Aurelien Petillot (Viola), Lauren Seiss (Viola), Marcus Brodsky (Viola), Julie Roubik (Viola), Douglas Temples (Viola), Chris Aman (Viola), Noah Koh (Cello), Alex Hibbard-Brown (Cello), Caio Guizani Sabo (Cello), Lexi McGinn (Cello), Dominic Law (String Bass), Pete Averso (Electric Bass), Dr. Jonathan Smith (Banjo/Guitar), Juan Riveros (Harp)

Each performer and musician worked on the project from quarantine.

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