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Student Blogs This Week - Red (Taylor's Version) Gets the Broadway Treatment, Jonathan Larson's Impact, and More!


Check out what our student bloggers are writing about for the week of November 11 - November 18

Our student bloggers write about how they're coping with the current global health crisis, give insight on their school's performing arts programs, share their opinions on the latest theater news, and so much more.

Read some of the top blogs from this week below!

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Student Blog: Hadestown at the Kennedy CenterStudent Blog: Hadestown at the Kennedy Center

Student Blogger: Olivia Murray

Excerpt: This show was absolutely immaculate and there is nothing that can compare to it. I could honestly continue to go on and list every detail I noticed and analyzed, but that would be a very long read for you. I am just so grateful I was able to see this talented company with my sister and her grandmother, and I loved being able to show them why I love theatre so much. The touring company of Hadestown is no joke. I highly recommend to anyone who is able, to go and see the show when it comes to a city near you, you won't want to miss it.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Pura Vida, <a target=Jonathan Larson!" height="150" src="" align="left" width="150" />Student Blog: Pura Vida, Jonathan Larson!

Student Blogger: Max Martinez

Excerpt: One of the songs from the project, 'Pura Vida', particularly caught my attention. It is about environmental preservation and nature. Pura Vida literally means 'pure life', but in Costa Rica it's like a motto; it's an expression used in almost every conversation. It means that everything is fine, but it can also mean thank you. When I first listened to the song I wondered if Jonathan Larson had ever been to Costa Rica. How did he come up with the phrase?

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Tips to Be at Your Best During RehearsalsStudent Blog: Tips to Be at Your Best During Rehearsals

Student Blogger: Claudia Quintero

Excerpt: Tomorrow I start my fourth and last week of rehearsals before Tech Week, which gets me excited, nervous, thankful and anxious. I have to admit, even if I love my rehearsals, my cast and directors, being in a room for 8 hours every day is such a challenge. I've been reflecting on this a lot and I want to share some tips and thoughts that come from my experience and heart to help you have a smooth rehearsal process whenever you need it.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: My Thoughts on Red (Taylor's Version)Student Blog: My Thoughts on Red (Taylor's Version)

Student Blogger: Breanna Ebisch

Excerpt: The day has finally arrived. Red (Taylor's Version) is in the hands of avid music listeners around the world, but most importantly, Swifties who have been awaiting the re-release could not be any happier. The album is the second Taylor Swift has re-recorded and released again to own her music after the sale of her masters to Scooter Braun a few years ago. And there's no denying that the anticipation for Red (Taylor's Version) was well worth it.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Broadway Characters as Songs From Red (Taylor's Version)Student Blog: Broadway Characters as Songs From Red (Taylor's Version)

Student Blogger: Paige Rosko

Excerpt: Taylor Swift just dropped her second re-recorded album, Red (Taylor's Version), and I am more obsessed with it now than I was when it originally came out in 2012. So, in honor of this momentous album and all of the wonderful songs on it, I've decided to assign a broadway character or relationship to each of the 30 songs on the album, excluding acoustic versions and songs that are on the album twice. Also, I will be skipping 'Ronan' because that song makes me very sad and cry a lot and I cannot emotionally handle analyzing it.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Community in TheatreStudent Blog: Community in Theatre

Student Blogger: Olivia Murray

Excerpt: The connection of this community is unlike any other and, even better, anyone can be part of it. We all witness community in theatre in some aspect - whether it's your own community or maybe it's the Broadway community many of us have grown to love. It's a special kind of community. One where we share a common interest, we share our talents with each other, and we build each other up so that we can all be at our best.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Back Onstage- The Understudy RunStudent Blog: Back Onstage- The Understudy Run

Student Blogger: Leah Packer

Excerpt: This performance marked my first time on that stage, physically and figuratively, since the pandemic. Just a few too many firsts for one slightly overwhelmed understudy. The moment before my first scene was rough. I felt completely vulnerable, a far cry from the way I usually feel while performing. During the first scene, I actually went on a kind of autopilot. I just let my work take over while I mentally got used to the feeling of an audience again. I was shaking as I walked offstage. That rocked me. I loved theatre more than anything in the world. Why was I so nervous?

Read the full blog here!

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