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Student Blogs This Week - Immersive Theater Experiences, The Importance of Swings and Understudies, and More

Check out what our student bloggers are writing about for the week of January 13 - January 20

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Our student bloggers write about how they're coping with the current global health crisis, give insight on their school's performing arts programs, share their opinions on the latest theater news, and so much more.

Read some of the top blogs from this week below!

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Student Blog: My Experience Performing in Immersive TheatreStudent Blog: My Experience Performing in Immersive Theatre

Student Blogger: Rebecca Goldfarb

Excerpt: During my winter break, I had the opportunity to perform in an original immersive theatre production at the Tilles Center called Branching Out! But how is an immersive production doable during a pandemic? Read to find out!

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: A Word About Swings, Standbys, and UnderstudiesStudent Blog: A Word About Swings, Standbys, and Understudies

Student Blogger: Meredith Muirhead

Excerpt: In light of the recent surges of public appreciation for standbys, understudies, and swings on Broadway, plenty of theatre artists have discussed their vital importance in a show (I mean, shows can't happen without them), but not many have discussed why it's important to quash the idea of these performers being 'less than' the performers in principal roles and why there is no reason to be comparing a swing, understudy, or standby to the performer for whom they're covering.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Takeaways From My First Semester At CollegeStudent Blog: Takeaways From My First Semester At College

Student Blogger: Jake Aron

Excerpt: The biggest lesson I have learned from my first semester at college is that college is what you make of it. If you're going to college just to get a degree, spend all your time studying. If you want to get a degree plus some friends and lifelong memories, find a good work-life balance that works for you.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Everything Changes, But Some Things Never ChangeStudent Blog: Everything Changes, But Some Things Never Change

Student Blogger: Claudia Quintero

Excerpt: Hola! Happy New Year, my favorite time of the year has come. Checking in here with you fills me with passion and joy. One year ago, I started writing here and it's been a journey, huh? I've written from Canada, Mexico in times of uncertainty, in times where I am doing everything and hoping it goes according to its plan, in rehearsals, in opening and closing nights. I've shared new things that I've been discovering, things that I go back to that have been part of who I am since my passion for Musical Theatre started... and today, in the first month of the year, I feel accomplished and more alive than ever.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Preparing the PartStudent Blog: Preparing the Part

Student Blogger: Grace Cutler

Excerpt: The actor's preparatory work is a testament to their discipline and professionalism. There is so much growth that happens during the process but I believe that it is important to start with a strong foundation. Confidence in the beginning allows for great discoveries throughout the process. I urge you to find what works to help you meet your new character, and commit to a discipline within the process for the most meaningful experience.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: How TICK, TICK... BOOM! Sparks InspirationStudent Blog: How TICK, TICK... BOOM! Sparks Inspiration

Student Blogger: Caiti Ho

Excerpt: Like many other theatre kids, the release of tick, tick... BOOM! was ground breaking and epiphanic. Seeing one of the most beautiful stories ever be translated on to film with such grace and poetry was such a turning point in my life. Not only has Lin-Manuel Miranda proven his excellence in directing but he has given humanity one of the most emotive and inspiring stories. Maybe it's because we're in year three of a pandemic, maybe it's because my degree will be complete in ten months but there's something about this movie, the narrative, the theme, the message and even the soundtrack that just sparks inspiration.

Read the full blog here!

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