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Student Blog: How TICK, TICK... BOOM! Sparks Inspiration

It is more than a movie.

Student Blog: How TICK, TICK... BOOM! Sparks Inspiration

Like many other theatre kids, the release of tick, tick... BOOM! was ground breaking and epiphanic. Seeing one of the most beautiful stories ever be translated on to film with such grace and poetry was such a turning point in my life. Not only has Lin-Manuel Miranda proven his excellence in directing but he has given humanity one of the most emotive and inspiring stories.

tick, tick... BOOM! tells the story of the beloved Jonathan Larson. It tells the very familiar story of knowing that you're meant for something more. Much like Hamilton, Larson felt as though he was running out of time. Something that I am relating to more and more as I age, knowing that I haven't accomplished any of my dreams.

Maybe it's because we're in year three of a pandemic, maybe it's because my degree will be complete in ten months but there's something about this movie, the narrative, the theme, the message and even the soundtrack that just sparks inspiration.

30/90 is my new anthem. I'm almost 21 and was born in the early 2000s, but still it's the one song that just rings true in my heart, without a doubt, every day. This song, really got me through the final weeks of my second year at university, pushed me through some of my hardest exams. It's just a great motivator for taking initiative. I really started focusing on my dreams from the release of the song until today. I think and work on my dream project every day.

Boho Days actually makes me so sad. It's a song about comradery and friendship, I don't know it just makes me feel so alone and sad but also hopeful for a future like that, filled with your greatest supporters, who understand you and your vision and are there for you 24/7. It's something that I have lacked for my whole life, I think. I'm the only one there for me 24/7 and I get it, it's exhausting but everyone deserves to have at least one number one supporter.

Green Green Dress, not a favourite but it is that song in the soundtrack that kind of reminds you as a creator to go back to basics. Not everything has to be as intricate as our high school literature teachers made it seem.

No More is such a vibe. It's that song that reminds you to not take any nonsense from anyone, even yourself. To be confident in yourself and be proud of how far you've made it, even if that distance is simply waking up in the morning. It's a song of possibilities and perseverance.

Johnny Can't Decide shows the wonderfully confusing process of trying to reach and fathom your dreams. Every day we are faced with the question pursue your dreams or do a sensible thing. Dreams work out for some but not everyone so, it's all about your determination and willingness to fail. Because if failing will break you, you might be better off doing a safer thing in life. It's just a song to take a step back from this dream world and put some perspective on the story.

Sunday all I have to say about this number is tears. I WEEP! It's beautiful and perfection.

Play Game I don't know what to say, it makes me feel inferior somehow. Not in a bad way, it's more of a "I am not worthy" vibe. I don't really listen to it but when it does pop on and I'm too lazy to click next, it gives you that different oomph to be like "you got this!".

Therapy. I love this song. For me, it represents taking a breath and a breather from what puts you under the most pressure. Because I mean, wow. Andrew Garfield and Vanessa Hudgens. The lungs on those two, I get out of breath just listening to this song.

Swimming a great midday crisis song. Wow. I don't know what else to say. I listen to it when I'm having a crisis moment because it reminds me that everyone has crises.

Come to Your Senses, when I say I wish I could sing. I mean it for THIS SONG! Man oh man, I wish I could sing to belt this song out. It's a grounding song, a song about remembering who you are, what you've been through, who went through it with you and that you must stay true to your core. I ADORE THIS SONG! I listen to it every single day and every time I listen to it, I cry because I'm just like, wow I was rejected from school choir in grade three and my hopes of ever being a singer died. I'm so dramatic, lol.

Real Life not going to lie, I skip this. Because if I don't, I'd be sobbing for weeks. Robin de Jesus has a voice of an angel but my little broken heart just cannot handle that emotion in that song.

Why again, I skip because I'm an emotional wreck on my own and this song and Andrew's performance break me every time, I hear it or watch it. It's such a beautiful song and it's on my sleeping playlist because it may be emotional but it's such a lullaby, sandwiched in between Hold On and Carry You - out like a light.

Louder Than Words is such a beautiful song. It's a song that basically tells you that if you want something done, do it. It's all about understanding your motives and acting on your desires. I adore it. It's the best song to end a film.

We don't talk about how Superbia isn't on the album.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's direction of the film inspires dedication and determination.

Andrew Garfield's performance inspires action and perseverance.

And I could not be more excited about what one can achieve having such a supportive film and soundtrack to inspire them.

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