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Student Blogger: Meredith Muirhead


Student Blog: How to Get Over Your Inferiority Complex in the Rehearsal Space
September 20, 2021

As actors, we’re always fighting the urge to compare ourselves to our fellow performers, whether we mean to or not. It’s just instinctive- all human beings naturally compare themselves to others because that’s what society has always driven us to do. An actor’s first rehearsal for a show is the time where the comparative thoughts manifest themselves just as much as they do in a callback or audition room, because we’re looking around at our fellow cast members and thinking, “Wow, I’m nowhere near as good as this person and that one,” or “I don’t know why I’m here. Everyone fits their role so perfectly and I’m still struggling.” This thought process, unfortunately, is not so much an example of humility as much as it is a drawback in the rehearsal space.

Student Blog: Broadway Success ≠ Quality of Work
September 14, 2021

Broadway is officially back, to the joy of all theatre-makers and theatre-lovers. However, this isn’t the world in which Broadway existed before its intermission. In the past eighteen months, more and more people have come to realize that Broadway is not the be-all, end-all of theatre, and they’re recognizing that Broadway success does not automatically determine the quality of any work. In fact, Broadway isn’t exactly the place for new, non-traditional ideas.

Student Blog: Six Mainstream Artists Who Should (And I Hope, Will) Write a Musical
August 24, 2021

After my previous blog about how jukebox musicals should not be looked down upon in the theatre world, I got to thinking about which of my favorite artists would have the best jukebox musicals. Here are six female artists from the twenty-first century whom I believe should write a musical or have a jukebox musical.

Student Blog: Auditioning: It's A Learning Experience, Not the Hunger Games
August 23, 2021

Whether you’re one of the many LaDuca-clad bodies swirling through Pearl Studios or a shaking fifteen-year-old in a community theatre lobby (or even a high-school hallway, watching the athletes barrel past as you sit on the floor outside the auditorium), the words “audition” and “callback” certainly trigger plenty of stress within you. You think of the roles you’re aiming for, or the spot you’re competing for, and your eyes turn towards the other actors waiting with you, all of whom are experiencing equal levels of stress, and the sense of competition is palpable. You forget that these people are your friends- you probably got coffee with a few of them yesterday, or even have plans with them afterwards. But in the waiting room, all camaraderie is lost. It’s an “every man for himself” environment.

Student Blog: Dear Casting Directors: Thin ≠ Healthy, So Erase Your Body Standards
July 16, 2021

As much as the industry preaches health and caring for the body and the whole “eight shows a week is no joke” mentality, performers’ bodies are expected to be thin. In reality, thinness hardly equals health- in my case, my “good body” at that audition was a body that had been victimized by self-induced starvation, self-harm, and overwork, and it hardly got me through a one-hour dance call. At this point, it’s a commonly known fact among performing arts students that this industry is a hotbed for disordered eating and body dysmorphia, which is a far cry from being healthy, so why do casting directors still standardize on thin bodies?

Student Blog: Parents, Be Glad Your Child Wants a Theatre Degree
July 9, 2021

Let’s face it- most parents aren’t too pleased when their child says they want to pursue theatre in college. The usual concerns arise: will you have a job? What if you never “make it?” What “backup plan” do you have? How will you make your own money? And while these are valid concerns, there is much more to a theatre degree, whether it be performance or production, than meets the eye. Theatre degrees (and the process of pursuing them) are helpful in a myriad of ways, and those are not all based on Stanislavsky and stage combat.

Student Blog: Can We Stop Treating Jukebox Musicals With Disdain?
July 1, 2021

Ah, yes. The jukebox musical. When most “theatre people” hear that term, the following reaction is normally one of some scorn or even disgust. It’s too often that jukebox musicals aren’t thought of as “real” theatre or “quality” theatre because the music isn’t original, and in some cases, the story is meant to fit the music as opposed to vice versa. However, after over a year without live theatre, it has become highly obvious that all works of theatre are worth equal appreciation, regardless of story, music, or any aspect. So as live theatre makes its return in a newer world, with more opportunities for new works, let’s not forget the jukebox musical.

Student Blog: Six Underrated Musicals You MUST Listen to During Pride Month
June 9, 2021

As Pride Month kicks off, we all go to blast the Kinky Boots cast recording on Spotify as we get ready for whatever pride events we'll be attending, wanting to acknowledge a pride month musical.