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Shubert Ticketing Launches Telecharge Assured to Guarantee Fair Access

Shubert Ticketing Launches Telecharge Assured to Guarantee Fair Access

Shubert Ticketing has just launched Telecharge ASSURED- a new platform designed to facilitate fair access to individual ticket-buyers when seats go on sale to the general public. The successful launch on July 9th, 2019 serviced a record number of customers purchasing tickets for the highly anticipated 12-week engagement of "HAMILTON" at the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia (August 27 - November 17).

Telecharge ASSURED™ utilizes a secure registration and verification process which generates a single-use code assigned to each online ticket purchaser. Once the valid code is entered, the customer gains fair access to available inventory in real time.

"The highest demand events are often the hardest ticket to buy for real patrons," said Jennifer Tattenbaum, Senior Director of Interactive at Shubert Ticketing. "Countless secondary market operators try to scoop up as many tickets as possible to re-sell them to the public at inflated prices. It becomes impossible for real people to have their chance to get seats."

Telecharge ASSURED™ facilitates a smooth transaction process while ensuring no single entity can game the system and buy up a majority of the inventory.

Several core technologies contribute to the success of Telecharge ASSURED™ : Registration and Verification of buyers with strict ticket limits per patron; Single Use Codes for verified customers to access the on-sale; and an Online Virtual Queue configured to move a high volume of customers through the process efficiently.

"The real magic of Telecharge ASSURED™ is realized through combining these core elements to present a comprehensive consumer-friendly platform," said Eric Schwartz, Product Manager of Interactive at Shubert Ticketing. "As demonstrated with the "HAMILTON" on-sale, we are able to move an incredible number of tickets, while maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the process."

Shubert Ticketing will be implementing Telecharge ASSURED™ during the on-sale period of multiple attractions opening this Fall in Telecharge venues.

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