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STAGE TUBE: How'd They Make FROZEN? Watch the Full 'Making Of' Song Below!

In anticipation of FROZEN being available to own and continuously binge watch, Disney has released its full 'The Making of Frozen'- a song featured on the DVD/Blu-ray, hitting shelves on March 18. The musical behind-the-scenes series, directed by Kenny Ortega, lets viewers in on what went into making Disney's hit animated film, and features Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), Kristen Bell (Anna) and Josh Gad (Olaf). Check out the full song below!

"We were lucky enough to have three of the stars of the film who serve as tour guides for the 'making of'' experience,"Bobby Lopez told the publication. "There were huge cranes with cameras on them for the shoot, dozens of assistant directors running around with headsets. It was like Disney animation turned into an old Hollywood musical."

With a stage adapation in the wings, FROZEN's soundtrack just became the longest-running No. 1 film soundtrack since 2003. The movie has passed THE LION KING as Disney's highest-grossing animated film to date, with $865 million worldwide. It has been nominated for a slew of awards this season, including the Oscar for Best Original Song. FROZEN just won four 2014 Annie Awards, as well as the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film, and the ACE Eddie Award for Best Edited Animated Feature.

STAGE TUBE: How'd They Make FROZEN? Watch the Full 'Making Of' Song Below!
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