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Rachel Brosnahan and Capathia Jenkins Shared How They Became Involved With the Covenant House on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Rachel Brosnahan and Capathia Jenkins Shared How They Became Involved With the Covenant House on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in The House, benefiting The Actors Fund, continued today (2pm) with guest Host Sierra Boggess joined by Capathia Jenkins, Rachel Brosnahan, Summer Boggess, Brian Hertz, Liz Robertson, Manon Taris, and more.

This "Feel Good Friday" episode was dedicated to The Covenant House. CEO and President of Covenant House, Kevin Ryan joined to share a little bit about what they do. "In thirty-one cities...and in six countries, Covenant House is working with young people who are facing homelessness...Shelter in place means one thing if you have a place but what does it mean if you don't have a place? For kids who are on the streets and are alone and scared and unsure where they're going to eat or sleep or be safe from the pandemic, Covenant House is a sanctuary for those young people. We're caring in all of our Covenant Houses for sick and symptomatic young people. We've refashioned conference rooms, offices, storage rooms, drop-in centers into safe isolation units where we can care for kids and also make sure we're not spreading infection to the many healthy young people who are also living with us."

Rachel Brosnahan, Covenant House board member, joined the conversation. "I became involved in Covenant House about eight years ago through the Broadway community. We did an event called 'A Sleep Out' and I got to meet some of the incredible young people who call Covenant House home, the dedicated staff, the great Kevin Ryan, and that night profoundly changed my life. They set young people up for the brightest futures they can imagine. They treat every young person who walks through Covenant House's doors with unconditional love and absolute respect. I've witnessed first hand how many lives they've changed."

Capathia Jenkins, Covenant House board member talked about how she and Stephanie J. Block came up with the Sleep Out event. "Myself and Stephanie Block came up with this idea that Broadway could do...the sleep out...It changes your life profoundly. You get the change to be at the shelter with the kids. You get to hear some of their stories. You get to see the superheroes that the staff is...Stephanie and I thought what month can we have it in? It can't be cold, we have singers...but it has grown into this beautiful thing for our community and then we broadened it to the television and film community and they just came in and put their arms around these kids. We're really proud of it."

Later in the show, Sierra Boggess brought on her first guests, her sister, Summer Boggess, and Summer's husband, musical director, Brian Hertz. Summer talked about the moment she found out the Broadway Shutdown began. "We found out around 5 pm before our show [Mean Girls] and we were told to get to the theater...get our instruments by 5 of 6. It was shocking. Brian drove me in, I got my cello, got a few things and got out of the theater and we haven't been's sad because all these Broadway musicians are incredible and we're such a close-knit community and we play together eight shows a week in a small pit and it's hard not to see them."

Liz Robertson joined and performed Loverly from MY FAIR LADY. "That song gave [Alan Jay Lerner] a lot of trouble though because he hated the verse 'someone's head resting on my knee.' He wanted it to just be creature comforts and it always bothered him that it suddenly went kind of romantic and longing for a man which Eliza actually doesn't. He spent months trying to get rid of that verse and never could."

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