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New Promo For SAILOR MOON: LA RECONQUISTA, Now On DVDA new promotional spot for the DVD edition of the most recent entry of the popular and enduring Japanese franchise SAILOR MOON and its subsequent stage musical incarnation inspired by the works of Naoko Takeuchi is now available to view.

Of note, the leading ladies of the show performed the show-stoppers "Line Up: The Five Women Of The White Moon" and "We Are The Pretty Guardians" from SAILOR MOON: LA RECONQUISTA in a live performance clip available here.

The first new SAILOR MOON musical in eight years, the all-female manga-to-musical series of adaptations continued with the newest show, SAILOR MOON: LA RECONQUISTA, boasting a brand new leading lady and a whole new look and storyline in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the original incarnation of the girl-power-centric superhero series successfully made into a musical.

Satomi Okubo essayed the title role, making her the fifth actress to portray the beloved figure onstage in an official capacity - and, at only 17, one of the youngest, as well.

Additional casting also included famed Takarazuka troupe headliner Yuga Yamato taking on the role of Tuxedo Mask. Filling out the central cast of the musical besides Okuko and Yamato were Miyabi Matsuura as Sailor Mercury, Kanon Nanaki as Sailor Mars, Yu Takahashi as Sailor Jupiter and Shiori Sakata as Sailor Venus.

The new incarnation of SAILOR MOON: LA RECONQUISTA was written and directed by Takuya Hiramitsu with music by Toshihiko Sahashi and will reportedly feature an entirely new story according to reports.

SAILOR MOON: LA RECONQUISTA premieres last September in Japan, running through September 23 in Tokyo at Shibuya's AiiA Theater.

Visit the official website for SAILOR MOON: LA RECONQUISTA here.

View the new promo for the DVD edition of SAILOR MOON: LA RECONQUISTA below.

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