Glee-Cap: 100!

Glee-Cap: 100!

How does one measure a hundred episodes of Glee? In group numbers, in Blaine's hair gel, in Fondue for Two, in diva-offs, in mash-ups, and oh so much more. Tonight marks the 100th episode of Glee and with some familiar faces and some remixed Glee classics - this episode is sure to mark the next dynasty in Glee. Here's to the New Directions old and new, and to Glee!

Mercedes and Rachel return to McKinley to say goodbye to the legacy of glee club, and each is acting like the diva they are - apparently nothing has changed. Will is set to celebrate 100 lessons of glee club with remixed classics from the past, and what better way to that then with some help from April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth). April is up to her usual boozy ways, and what better way to raise a glass to New Directions than with a little "Raise Your Glass", which Blaine is quick to point out was in fact a Warblers number, but what would a New Direction be without a good Warbler?

Puck reflects back on being the Puckzilla of the past, while moving forward to be the brand new Puckerman, but one can never forget their first love, right? Puck attempts to get Quinn in on his glee club tribute, but gets interrupted by Quinn's new man, Biff Macintosh (Chace Crawford). Puckzilla don't take no for an answer, so watch out, Apple Tree. Santana finds Brittany getting her math on, while lamenting how she misses her life back at McKinley, and who is Santana to deny her former lady a good time? Santana gathers the Unholy Trinity to get a little "Toxic" and steam up the choir room one last time. #UnholyTrinityForever.

When April asks Biff for his opinion on the number, but it becomes clear that Biff wasn't even paying attention. Brittany feels like she's lacking in her dancing skills, despite Santana assuring her she's still as fierce as always. Brittany decides to focus on her math and her hit online talk show - Fondue for Two. Brittany has Mercedes and Rachel on, and grills them for hot dish, which ends in both admitting they plan to sing "Defying Gravity" as a tribute to glee club. When the diva gauntlet is thrown, the two dueling divas decide to settle this in typical glee club diva style - a diva-off. Hell to the yes, y'all!

Biff and Quinn get cozy at Breadstixs, but the New Directions arrive and begin to rehash the past, which is something Quinn refuses to let the past get in the way of old money. April and Will try to play hardball with Sue on the money that keeps the auditorium up to snuff, but Sue isn't going down without a fight. One final diva off is only appropriate and thus the dueling divas along with Kurt channel their inner green girl and belt out "Defying Gravity" one last time - winner take all diva-off. Before a diva can be chosen, Will interrupts and decides to hold off choosing, because everyone's a winner or something. Typical, Schuester, so typical.

Brittany seems lost in math and chess games, but Santana is determined to bring the old Brittany back, despite Brittany insisting that this is who she is now. Mercedes and Rachel plead their case to the New Directions to garner the votes for true diva, while April gives her usual boozy wisdom to Kurt and Blaine. Santana hijacks the glee club floor from Puck and busts out a little "Valerie" to get Brittany back in the groove with a little assistance from Magic Mike Chang himself. ..And this ladies and gents is how Brittany got her groove back - with a little Amy Winehouse and Santana. Deciding to change the scenery a little, Puck moves the glee club to the auditorium and sings "Just Keep Holding On" to the girl who seemed to have gotten away - Quinn. With help from the New Directions, Puck pulls at Quinn's heartstrings. Puck attempts to get Quinn to remember her past, but Quinn is determined to put the past behind her and keep moving forward. The time has come for the true diva, but Santana unleashes some truth about the one and only Rachel Berry, which prompts one last Rachel storm out. Mercedes goes to comfort Rachel and they realize that they use the people who use to put them down to get them forward, and how two dueling divas have never been so different. Sue pulls the wool out from under April and reveals that the money she set aside for the auditorium ran out and that she is flat broke. Will upset with April leaves, but not before telling April how upset he is that she took the remaining hope he had left that glee club wasn't finished.

Quinn reveals the past to Biff, who freaks out about hearing how Quinn is a liar and nothing like she pretended to be. Puck and Biff throw down, and Biff ends up in the dumpster. The glee club votes for the all time diva, but Mercedes and Rachel renter to explain there's no need for the vote - divas can do bad all by themselves. April brings in another familiar face from the past to celebrate - Holly Holiday herself, who reveals that there's a guests of glee club Facebook group, and that she's started a pop up substitute service. In usual Holly Holiday style, Holly does her own thing, and rather than look back - she brings a little Pharrell's "Happy" to the glee club floor.

Puck and Quinn and Brittany and Santana feel the sparks of old love begin to fly, but are they ready to let the flame reignite? Santana pulls away from what her heart wants, but Quinn gives in and follows her heart straight to Puck. The original members of the glee club share a moment together, as April and Holly watch on and plot to save the glee club - for realz.

Will the boozy blondes save glee club? The battle to save it is on, as the remixed classics and nostalgia continue just in time for the seniors to prepare to say goodbye and graduate from McKinley. Until next week, Gleeks - keep the faith and a song in your heart.

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