Get Ready for the New School Year with Tips from Our Student Bloggers

Read insights and advice from current and former theatre students!

By: Sep. 06, 2023
Get Ready for the New School Year with Tips from Our Student Bloggers

As a part of our student blogger program, theatre students from all over the world share their experiences and tips for surviving their college years over on our Student Center page.

This month, we're celebrating the start of a new semester by taking a look back at our former student bloggers' advice for students entering college for the first time or embarking on a new semester.

Check out excerpts from blogs below!

Lean On Friends and Family for Support

From "Going Back to School" by Alex Leigh, Kansas City 

"Music Appreciation has not been overly exciting in my opinion. Most of what I do for that class is listen to various pieces of music and identify what sets that piece apart from others. I love music of all kinds, but I think the class could be a little more challenging. Homework tends to feel repetitive when I'm describing what kind of instruments I'm hearing in a song over and over again.

Although I'm taking a class I might not care for, it's comforting to know I'm not the only one who feels that way. My advice is to find a good support system and like-minded friends. Dealing with a class you don't love can cause procrastination and missing assignments, finding people you trust to help you stay on task is crucial! As I tackle my second semester I'd like to wish my fellow students good luck as they navigate school as well. We got this!"

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From "Back to School" by Meagan Rousse

"My only "real" college semester was my freshman one back in 2019, so getting to have things back in person without restrictions felt sort of odd. I was used to wearing my mask, social distancing, and worrying if I left my apartment without my vaccination card.

I was eager to jump into my first last day of school, but couldn't shake this looming feeling. Sure, I was excited to do all the fun senior events, but I was also beginning to feel nervous because I had no idea what I was doing come December 10th.

My last semester has been a bit easier than expected. I am only taking 12 hours compared to my past 18 to 15-hour schedules, and I don't have class at all on Fridays. My internship counts for class credit and my other job is on campus so I get a good bit of work done early in the day.

I've been able to relax a bit more and enjoy some time to reflect on these past few years. I even get to experience my last semester with my younger brother who is just starting his college life. Having my older siblings when I started college helped me to adjust much quicker than I expected to, so I love getting to do that for him."

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Get Involved in Campus Activities

From "Beating the Back to School Blues" by Noelle Gardiner

"I've found that the best way to get over the "Back To School Blues" is to look for fun, new opportunities to get involved in activities that you enjoy. Audition for a show! Volunteer to work on a crew! If your college has a student organization devoted to theatre, look for ways to get involved there! Last January, I volunteered to stage manage a student-led play on a whim to distract me from this quasi-seasonal depression. Not only did it help drag me out of the dumps by introducing new structure, new challenges, and new people into my life, but it turned out to be one of the most valuable learning experiences in my career as a theatre artist! Before I knew it, the bulk of the semester had flown by, and I had come away with great memories, great skills to add to my resume, and great new friends. This January, I auditioned for a Valentine's themed jazz cabaret, which was a blast to perform in and introduced me to even more sweet, talented people.

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From "Back to School: Theatre Student Edition" by Grace Ellett

"This year has been particularly eventful for me with transferring colleges, especially as a theatre student. Changing schools, in general, can be scary (yet exciting), but as a junior theatre student, transferring feels like a whole different beast. I have had to get familiar with a whole new performing arts building that will be my new home for the next few years, learn expectations at the school and theatre, adjust to the way this program handles things, learn a whole new campus, and meet and get to know a lot of new people (students and faculty). Getting involved on campus in different organizations is something I would recommend to any new college student, as it can help you connect with a lot more people than you would by just going to class. Even though it was scary (and sometimes still is), altogether transferring was the best choice for me."

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Immerse Yourself in the Environment

From "Back to School in DC" by Taylor Smith

"It's my sophomore year! While someone's second year in college is nothing particularly exciting, it is a year that I have been looking forward to. I spent most of my freshman year feeling clueless, like a little baby on campus. Now that I have navigated through that awkward stage, I finally feel comfortable to explore and take advantage of everything Washington DC has to offer. I am a theatre and marketing double major at The George Washington University. Most people expected me to study politics while attending university in the Nation's Capital, but my time here has been focused on theatre. DC has one of the best theatre scenes in the U.S. and I feel so grateful that I get to immerse myself in this city's performing arts world."

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Appreciate Alone Time

From "First Weeks as a Seahawk" by Diana Vidals

"While my experiences so far have been fun, I will say it has been a little difficult to adjust to the way things work in college. The biggest challenge has been being confident in the work I hand in. I find that I second guess myself and my ability to write a good paper, even though it's something I previously succeeded in, in high school. The best remedy I found for this was to have my friends edit my essay and use resources such as my school's writing center. Getting as much advice on my work as possible reassured me that the work I submitted was something I was proud of. Another challenge I've faced is being able to socialize with my peers. As a commuter and a student who works outside of school, this has been a little tricky as I don't always have the time or energy to attend events. One way that I have found helped me in socializing was talking to those in my classes even if it's as small as discussing our papers or tests. However, one thing that has helped me the most with this has been learning to appreciate time alone. I usually hang out at the library doing homework, reading, and drawing. It's relaxing after a long day of classes but also just helps me enjoy being alone. In time the friends will come."

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Find Balance

From "Finding Balance in Back to School" by Megan O’Keefe

"I will acknowledge that everyone is different. Many students thrive with a busy schedule while participating in multiple activities. But if you are like me and often find yourself struggling under the pressure, there is no shame in cutting back on your responsibilities. College burnout is real. Does that require taking and leaving some extracurriculars? Perhaps, but that doesn't mean sacrificing important parts of your personality. Prioritize finding the time to do activities that you love but in a way that makes you happy and stress-free.

Regardless of whether you are an incoming student, current student, transfer student, or soon-to-be graduate, finding balance is essential to making the most out of your time in college. Most students have a laundry list of responsibilities looming over their heads at all times, but learning to manage those responsibilities will start to make life easier. College is a time to experiment with new ideas and social environments, not to overwhelm yourself with as many extracurriculars as possible. Choose to take control of your college experience, prioritize getting classwork done, and do the things that make you happy because that is truly what college is all about."

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From "Back to School" by Annaka Guerro

"As if it isn't obvious enough already, it's a BUSY schedule, but you've gotta love it! With such a tight routine, it's difficult to find the wiggle room within it, but so, so vital! I've found it's very important to cherish and make time for the little things. As a very social person, I always make time for spontaneous activities with friends, whether it be going out to see a movie or just talking about our days in our dorms. Taking walks with a group of friends and debriefing has been such a healthy outlet for multiple reasons this semester; social time, staying fit, and being able to share what's been on all of our minds. Finding new ways to appreciate life is something everyone should do, especially if you are so wrapped up in one thing for such strenuous periods of time."

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