Daughters of Troy Announces Theatre and Visual Artist Company for The Persephone Project

Daughters of Troy is currently developing The Persephone Project on Governors Island in New York through Barton Booth's MAKE ROOM initiative. This year's residency explores female sexuality and desire through the lens of the Persephone myth. An exhibition of artwork inspired by the themes will be open to the public on Saturday, Sept. 2 and Sunday, Sept. 3 from 10a-6pm, along with free performances of the theatrical works-in-progress at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm at Building 8A in Nolan Park on Governors Island.

This year's company includes theatre makers Alexis McGuinness, Aubrey Saverino, Brooke M. Haney, Catherine Gowl, Courtney Silber, Deb Radloff, Deidre Works, Liz Mattera, Mariana King, Michelle Beck, Nicole Morales and Rachael Jenison. They are working in collaboration with RE:ARTISTE, an international arts organization that has paired them with visual artists from all over the world including Alivia Chapla, Andreas Theologitis, Annie Cunningham, Anna Nicole, Ekaterina Bykhovskaya, Hadieh Afshani, Kate Goltseva, Kristen Williams, Leah Miriam-Cooper, Liz Brown, Mensur Bojda, Natalie Burlutskaya, Ronit Levin Delgado, Yelena Lezhen and Yu Chuan Chang.

"We are excited by the opportunity to make theatre alongside these incredible visual artists" said Artistic Director, Aubrey Saverino. She continued, "The art inspires and deepens the stories we're telling and creates a unique experience for the audience." "We came in with ideas we were eager to share" agreed Artistic Producer, Brooke M. Haney. "And then, already, in the past two days, those ideas have blossomed as we all finally get in the same room, or in this case the same amazing, historic house. I can only imagine what they will have grown into by this weekend."

Daughters of Troy will feature free presentations of the theatrical works-in-progress along with an exhibition of artwork inspired by the Persephone myth on Saturday, Sept. 2 & Sunday, Sept. 3 at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm at Building 8A in Nolan Park on Governors Island. The house will be open from 10am to 6pm for Art lovers.




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