Check Out The Complete Video Playlist For The Hit Concert Series IF IT ONLY EVEN RUNS A MINUTE

By: Apr. 21, 2016
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Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Kevin Michael Murphy
and Caleb Hoyer

Never say the f-word in front of Jennifer Ashley Tepper. No, no... not that f-word, although you probably shouldn't say that one either. The f-word she abhors is the one often used to describe a Broadway production that doesn't exactly run for now and forever; sometimes not even for a second performance.

Long before she was the author of the acclaimed book series "The Untold Stories of Broadway" and began curating Feinstein's/54 Below as its Director of Programming, she, actor/writer Kevin Michael Murphy and composer/lyricist Caleb Hoyer created the popular ongoing concert series IF IT ONLY EVEN RUNS A MINUTE, to honor the artists who, at the very least, achieved the goal of getting their work produced on Broadway (sometimes Off-Broadway).

As every musical theatre fan knows, there can be numerous reasons why a show doesn't become a hit, and there are wonders to be found in many lesser-known scores.

Each one-night-only concert has featured rare songs, behind-the-scenes tales, and inspiring photos from underappreciated musicals. Often original cast members pop by for personal remembrances or to recreate a performance most know only from the show's cast album.

You can catch up on over 200 performances from IF IT ONLY EVEN RUNS A MINUTE concerts in the YouTube playlist that begins below with Adam Gwon, Joe Iconis, Brian Lowdermilk and Benj Pasek singing "Good Old Glory Type Days" from James Gardiner and Nick Blaemire's GLORY DAYS. Scroll down for every video on the playlist, listed alphabetically by its YouTube title.


  1. A Man of No Importance 2002 (Part 1 - feat. Kevin Michael Murphy - "Love's Never Lost")
  2. A Man of No Importance 2002 (Part 2 - feat. Eric William Morris - "Streets of Dublin")
  3. A.J. Holmes - "Need To Know" (WEIRD ROMANCE)
  4. Adam Riegler - "Desert Island All Time Top 5 Break-Ups" from HIGH FIDELITY
  5. Alex Ellis, Hayley Podschun, Lindsay Nicole Chambers - "Still Single" (How Do You Do I Love You)
  6. Alexander Sage Oyen - "Yogi" (KID CHAMPION)
  7. Alexis Field and Megan Kane- "Didn't Leave It Here" from Brownstone
  8. Ali Stroker - "Bad Glad Good And Had" from GOT TU GO DISCO
  9. All American 1962 (feat Caleb Hoyer - "Once Upon a Time")
  10. Alli Mauzey - "Screw Loose" CRY-BABY
  11. Allie Trimm - "Dad & I" (ACTOR LAWYER INDIAN CHIEF)
  12. Alysha Umphress - "Jonny Don't Go" ZOMBIE PROM with Lauren Lawson, Tricia Giordano, Kennedy Caughell
  13. Ana Nogueira & Dana Steingold - "Complicated Man" DOONESBURY
  14. Andre DeShields with Bertilla Baker, Marlene Danielle, Freida Williams - "Love In The Morning"
  15. Anika Larsen - "Ain't Got Time" (ZANNA DON'T!) with Lauren Lawson, Troy Pepicelli, Andrey Patino
  16. Anita Gillette - "The Secret Service" (MR. PRESIDENT)
  17. Ann Harada - "All Fall Down" from ROMANCE IN HARD TIMES
  18. Anne Bobby- stories and songs from SMILE
  19. Anne L. Nathan - "Hit The Ladies" (MUSICAL CHAIRS)
  20. Annie Warbucks 1993 (feat Lindsay Mendez - "But You Go On")
  21. Anthony Rapp- "Playground of the Planets" from The Little Prince and the Aviator
  22. Autumn Hurlbert "Lila Tremaine" from Fade Out-Fade In
  23. Badia Farha - "Purlie" (PURLIE)
  24. Ben Crawford - "Fight The Dragons" (BIG FISH)
  25. Ben Fankhauser - "Blood Red Roses" (BLOOD RED ROSES)
  26. Betsy Wolfe - "Someone Woke Up" (Do I Hear A Waltz?)
  27. Brandon Uranowitz - "Mark's All Male Thanksgiving" (Elegies- A Song Cycle)
  28. Brandon Uranowitz, Corey Mach, Nic Rouleau - "Joe Papp" (Elegies- A Song Cycle)
  29. Brandon Victor Dixon - "Go Back Home" (The Scottsboro Boys)
  30. Brandon Victor Dixon speaks about "The Scottsboro Boys"
  31. Bret Shuford - "Smashing New York Times" (A Broadway Musical)
  32. Brian Gari- Late Nite Comic
  33. Brynn O'Malley - "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" (The Last Resorts/Happily Ever After)
  34. Cady Huffman - "Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries" (Big Deal)
  35. Caleb Hoyer - "How Are The Mighty Fallen" (King David)
  36. Caleb Hoyer - "The Other Hours" (THOU SHALT NOT)
  37. Carly Rose Sonenclar - "The Money Tree" from THE ACT
  38. Carrie Heffernan, Alison Robinson, Jenny Wren - "The Man Nobody Could Love" from LEGS DIAMOND
  39. Chad Kimball - "Mother" (LENNON)
  40. Charlotte Maltby - The Flowers (YOUR OWN THING)
  41. Chip Zien - "Kick The Dog" (RIDE THE WINDS)
  42. Claybourne Elder - "The Best Thing That Ever Has Happened" ROAD SHOW
  43. Claybourne Elder & Jeremy Jordan - "When I Drive" BONNIE & CLYDE
  44. Colin Hanlon - "Maybe We Just Made Love" (I LOVE YOU BECAUSE)
  45. Corey Mach & Ryah Nixon - "People Like Us" (The Wild Party)
  46. Daniel Everidge and Cale Krise - "The Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Boogie" (Rockabye Hamlet)
  47. Daniel Mate - "The World Is Coming To A Start" (PURLIE)
  48. Danielle Gimbal, Christopher Ketner, Kelvin Moon Loh, Monet Sabel, Amanda Savan, Ryan Speakman--NYU
  49. Debbie Does Dallas 2002 (feat Lance Rubin - "I Wanna Do Debbie")
  50. Debbie Gravitte- "Life Is" from Zorba
  51. Debra Monk - "Ohio Afternoon" (OIL CITY SYMPHONY)
  52. Dee Hoty - "I'm Leavin' Texas" (The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public)
  53. Derek Klena - "All The Little Things In The World Are Waiting" (PARK)
  54. Diamonds 1984 (feat Aaron Simon Gross - "In the Cards")
  55. Don Stitt - "Never Never Be An Artist" from CAN-CAN
  56. Donna Vivino - "What Kind Of Fool" (SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER)
  57. Drew Gasparini & Ari McKay Wilford - "The Guitar Song" (EARL OF RUSTON)
  58. Ed Dixon - "I Have Not Lived In Vain" (THE KING OF SCHNORRERS)
  59. Eddie Korbich - "The Lorax Song" (Seussical)
  60. Eddie Korbich speaks about his experiences in SEUSSICAL
  61. Elena Shaddow - "All For Laura" (WOMAN IN WHITE)
  62. Etai BenShlomo - "In Your Eyes" (MOLLY) with stories by Ted Chapin
  63. F. Michael Haynie with Roman Pietrs, Peter Kriss, David Janett - "Milady" (STARMITES)
  64. Francesca Garrard - "Millwork" (WORKING)
  65. Frank Vlastnik - "Big Medley" (BIG THE MUSICAL)
  66. George Lee Andrews - "I Don't Remember Christmas" (Starting Here, Starting Now)
  67. George Salazar & Julia Mattison - "The Dressing Room Suffle" I SING!
  68. Good Old Glory Type Days Adam Gwon, Joe Iconis, Brian Lowdermilk and Benj Pasek
  69. Gregory L. Williams and Karen Richardson - "Night Letter" from TWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA
  70. Heidi Blickenstaff singing "Sing Happy" from Flora The Red Menace
  71. I Don't Wanna Go Over To Vietnam (THE LIEUTENANT)
  72. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Birds of Paradise
  73. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Cops
  74. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - December Songs
  75. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Dessa Rose
  76. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - King of Hearts
  77. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Me & Juliet
  78. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Nick & Nora
  79. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Purlie (Part 1)
  80. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Purlie (Part 2)
  81. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Roza
  82. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Salvation
  83. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Summer of '42
  84. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Summer of '42 (Part 2)
  85. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - The Magic Show
  86. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - The Moony Shapiro Songbook
  87. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Truckload (James Dybas - Part 1)
  88. If it Only Even Runs a Minute - Truckload (James Dybas - Part 2)
  89. If It Only Even Runs a Minute - Witches of Eastwick
  90. Ilene Graff - "Love Revolution" (I LOVE MY WIFE) with Ben Lanzarone
  91. Jacey Powers and Alex Wyse - "Little Fat Girls" DO BLACK PATENT LEATHER SHOES REALLY REFLECT UP?
  92. Jake Epstein - "Soon" (Soon)
  93. James Dybas speaks about being assistant director of TRUCKLOAD
  94. Jared Bradshaw & Lindsay Northen - "They're Playing Our Song" (THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG)
  95. Jared Weiss - "Bernadette" THE CAPEMAN
  96. Jason Williams & MK Lawson - "Paula (An Improvised Love Song)" from The Goodbye Girl
  97. Jay Armstrong Johnson - "You Are So Beyond" from Marilyn An American Fable
  98. Jeb Brown - "You Can Never Go Back" BRING BACK BIRDIE
  99. Jeb Brown - "You Can Never Go Back" BRING BACK BIRDIE
  100. Jeb Brown speaks about BRING BACK BIRDIE
  101. Jennifer Ashley Tepper & Kevin Michael Murphy speak about Haarlem Nocturne
  102. Jennifer Ashley Tepper & Kevin Michael Murphy speak about HOW DO YOU DO, I LOVE YOU
  103. Jennifer Ashley Tepper & Kevin Michael Murphy speak about LENNON
  104. Jennifer Ashley Tepper & Kevin Michael Murphy speak about MOLLY
  105. Jennifer Ashley Tepper & Kevin Michael Murphy speak about Soon
  106. Jennifer Ashley Tepper & Kevin Michael Murphy talk about BRING BACK BIRDIE
  107. Jennifer Ashley Tepper & Kevin Michael Murphy talk about DRACULA
  108. Jennifer Ashley Tepper and Kevin Michael Murphy share fun facts from CAN-CAN
  109. Jennifer Ashley Tepper and Kevin Michael Murphy share fun facts from MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG
  110. Jennifer Ashley Tepper and Kevin Michael Murphy share more fun facts and anecdotes about TRUCKLOAD
  111. Jennifer Ashley Tepper and Kevin Michael Murphy talk about BIG THE MUSICAL
  112. Jennifer Ashley Tepper and Kevin Michael Murphy talk about GOOD VIBRATIONS
  113. Jenny Donoghue- "Dear Ms. Streisand" from Rachael Lily Rosenbloom And Don't You Ever Forget It!
  114. Jeremy Jordan & Ashley Spencer - "Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts" WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND
  115. Jeremy Morse- "The Man in 37A" from Actor Lawyer Indian Chief
  116. Jerry Dixon - "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying" (Five Guys Named Moe)
  117. Jessica Kent singing "Disneyland" from SMILE
  118. Jill Paice - "Magic Moment" THE GAY LIFE
  119. Jim Stanek- "1876"/ "Mrs. Remington" from Story of My Life
  120. Jim Walton - "Good Thing Going" from MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG
  121. Jo Philbin with Matthew Dure - "Sleepy Man" (THE ROBBER BRIDEGROOM)
  122. John Hickok - "Pretty Music" PARADE
  123. John Jeffrey Martin - "Sail Me Away" (LESTAT)
  124. Jose Restrepo - "Can't Keep It Down" (FAME)
  125. Josh Grisetti - "Franklin Shepard Inc." from MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG
  126. Julia Murney - "Beautiful Boy" (Lennon)
  127. Kacie Sheik - "Starfish" (La Strada)
  128. Kate Shindle - "Spark of Creation" (Children of Eden)
  129. Kate Wetherhead - "Nobody Steps on Kafritz" (HENRY SWEET HENRY)
  130. Katie Schorr - "My Grandmother' s Love Letters" (DECEMBER SONGS)
  131. Katie Thompson - "When It Happens To You" (THE RED SHOES)
  132. Katrina Rose Dideriksen - "So Long Dude" from Dude
  133. Ken Billington (original lighting designer) speaks about BLOOD RED ROSES
  134. Kenita Miller - "Twelve Children" (DESSA ROSE)
  135. Kenny Francoeur & Melissa Rapelje - "The Dinghy Song" (SOMETHING'S AFOOT)
  136. Kevin Michael Murphy - "An Ordinary Guy" from Amour
  137. Kevin Michael Murphy & Lucy Horton - "Fireworks" DO RE MI
  138. Kevin Michael Murphy and Brian DeCaluwe - "Haunting You" (LOVE CYCLE)
  139. Kristen da Costa, Natalie Hinds, Blair Goldberg - "Make Him Mine" (THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK)
  140. Kristen Gray -"Three First Ladies/Dirt Between My Fingers/Personal Preisdent" from SENATOR JOE
  141. Krysta Rodriguez with Megan Kip, Stephanie Griffith, Ashley Anne Harrell - "Your Imagination"
  143. Larry Owens - "Let The Weeping Cease" (THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS)
  144. Lauren Marcus- "If" from Two On The Aisle
  145. Lauren Worsham - "Migratory V" (MYTHS & HYMNS by Adam Guettel)
  146. Leader of the Pack 1985 (feat. Annie Golden!)
  147. Leah Hocking - "Because" (THE THING ABOUT MEN)
  148. Len Cariou - "There's Always One You Can't Forget" (Dance A Little Closer)
  149. Lesli Margherita - "I Hate Musicals" (RUTHLESS!)
  150. Lexi Rabadi & Charles A. Franklin - "To Hear You Say My Name" (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
  151. Lisa Brescia - "Nothing Really Happened," from is there life after high school?
  152. Liz Larsen - "Superhero Girl" (STARMITES)
  153. Loni Ackerman - "Crossword Puzzle" (Starting Here, Starting Now)
  154. Loni Ackerman, George Lee Andrews, Margery Cohen speak about Starting Here, Starting Now
  155. Louis Hobson - "Jonas' Soliloquy" (LEAP OF FAITH)
  156. Louis St. Louis - "Hello Sunshine" (TRUCKLOAD)
  157. Lynne Wintersteller - "Life Story" (Closer Than Ever)
  158. Mack and Mabel 1974 (feat Molly Hager - "Time Heals Everything")
  159. Malcolm Gets with Kevin Earley - "Cookies/Sailing" (A NEW BRAIN)
  160. Mana Allen speaks about her experience as an original cast member of MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG
  161. Margery Cohen - "Autumn" (Starting Here, Starting Now)
  162. Margo Seibert - "When It Comes To Lovin'" ((HOME AGAIN, HOME AGAIN)
  163. Marlowe - 1981 (feat. Leslie McDonel singing "Christopher")
  164. Marty Thomas - "Truckload" (TRUCKLOAD)
  165. Mary Jo Mecca & Marcy McGuigan - "Grass Is Always Greener" from Woman of the Year
  166. Mary Testa- "Set Those Sails" from In Trousers
  167. Max Crumm - "Poiple Kishke Eater" (BORSCHT CAPADES)
  168. Meg Bussert - "Lolita My Love/In The Broken Promised Land of Fifteen" (Lolita My Love)
  169. Megan Maes, Kevin Michael Murphy, Lauren Conlin Adams - "Top That" (TEEN WITCH)
  170. Megan Sikora - "Cool Rider" from Grease 2
  171. Melanie Field - "Ive Never Said I Love You" from Dear World
  172. Michael Rupert - "The Happy Time/ Walking Among My Yesterdays" (THE HAPPY TIME)
  173. Michelle Federer - "Princess" (A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE)
  174. Mike Rosengarten - "Dixie/Planes" (UP IN ONE)
  175. Molly Pope - "I'm A Woman" (CARMELINA)
  176. Monet Julia Sabel - "Something Special" (Georgy)
  177. My Favorite Year 1992 (feat. Evan Pappas)
  178. Nancy Anderson - "Mona" from A Class Act
  179. Nic Rouleau - "Fiasco" (Coco)
  180. Nick Blaemire - "I Chose Right" from Baby
  181. Nick Wyman - "Bungalow in Quogue" (VERY GOOD EDDIE)
  182. Onward Victoria: Jill Eikenberry- "Changes" and Jordan Stanley- "Unescorted Women"
  183. Patrick Jude - "Cassie" from GOT TU GO DISCO
  184. Perry Kroeger speaks about his experience as the writer of SENATOR JOE
  185. Personals 1985 (feat Aj Shively - "After School Special")
  186. Play all Share Save
  187. Rachel Lee - "I Can Have It All" DOONESBURY
  188. Randy Graff - "I Sure Like The Boys" from A MY NAME IS ALICE
  189. Renee Claire Bergeron - "Yenta Power" (A Broadway Musical)
  190. Richard H. Blake - "Prince of Central Park" (PRINCE OF CENTRAL PARK)
  191. Richard Maltby Jr. & David Shire speak about HOW DO YOU DO, I LOVE YOU
  192. Ryan Scott Oliver - "If I Sing" (Closer Than Ever)
  193. Ryann Redmond - "How The Money Changes Hands" (TENDERLOIN)
  194. Sally Wilfert - "Fifty Percent" (Ballroom)
  195. Sam Tedaldi, Alyse Alan Louis, Joel Ingram, Alison Renee Foster - "I Let Him Kiss Me Once"
  196. Samantha Martin - "Don't Laugh" (HOT SPOT, MADWOMAN OF CENTRAL PARK WEST)
  197. Sarah Saltzberg and Jared Gertner - "I'll Try" from REDHEAD
  198. Sarah Shahinian - "I Want More" (LESTAT)
  199. Saum Eskandani - "My Ship" LADY IN THE DARK
  200. Scott Fagan (writer) speaks about Soon
  201. Sean Michael Palmer, Anna Ty Bergman, Samantha Massell - "Whatever Turns You On" LET MY PEOPLE COME
  202. Shakina Nayfack - "Can You Hear My Voice" (TO LIVE ANOTHER SUMMER TO PASS ANOTHER WINTER)
  203. Slut 2005 (feat Lorinda Lisitza - "Lower the Bar")
  204. Steve Rosen - "Ode To The Brooklyn Bridge" (Kelly)
  205. Taylor Trensch with Danielle Gimbal, Christopher Ketner, Kelvin Moon Loh - "An Eye For An Eye"
  206. Telly Leung - "Watching the Show" (The Times)
  207. The Baker's Wife 1976 (feat. Jaclyn Huberman - "Meadowlark")
  208. Todd Buonopane - "I Just Can't Wait" (SUBWAYS ARE FOR SLEEPING)
  209. Tom Hewitt - "Fresh Blood" DRACULA
  210. Tony Yazbeck - "Put Me To The Test" NEVER GONNA DANCE
  211. Tracy Weiler- "Men" from So Long 174th Street
  212. Tripp Fountain - "That Woman Can't Play No Piano" (Amen Corner)
  213. Via Galactica 1972 (feat. Rich Krakowski - "400 Girls Ago")
  214. Will Roland - "Floozies" (THE GRASS HARP)
  215. Zack Zadek - "Some Of Us Belong To The Stars" (BILLY)
  216. Zak Resnick - "More Than One Way" (SKYSCRAPER)

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