Top Off-Broadway Shows for June 2024

Each month we're rounding up 10 off-Broadway recommendations for audiences not to miss!

By: Jun. 01, 2024
Top Off-Broadway Shows for June 2024
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What's happening off-Broadway? BroadwayWorld is here to guide you through the top picks for theatre this month. June brings a diverse array of productions to the Off-Broadway scene, including world premiere plays, musical revivals and more. From classics with a twist, to dramas and more, there is something for every theatre fan to enjoy.

BroadwayWorld selects shows to feature based on a variety of factors such as popularity, critical acclaim, unique concepts, star power, and more. BroadwayWorld's senior editorial team closely follows the Off-Broadway scene to stay informed about upcoming and currently running productions. They consider a range of offerings each month, including musicals, plays, and more to provide a well-rounded selection of recommendations to readers. Their goal is to offer theater enthusiasts a comprehensive guide to the most exciting shows happening Off-Broadway each month.

Take a look at BroadwayWorld's recommendations for the best shows to catch off-Broadway in June! 

Top Off-Broadway Shows for June 2024

All of Me 

Signature Theatre

Now through June 26, 2024

From its initial run at Barrington Stage in 2022, director Ashley Brooke Monroe and original cast members Madison Ferris and Danny J. Gomez return alongside Kyra Sedgwick, Lily Mae Harrington, Florencia Lozano, Brian Morabito for this hilarious and candid portrayal of class and disability by Laura Winters.

It’s your classic romantic comedy. Boy meets girl. Boy uses a wheelchair, girl uses a scooter, and they both use text-to-speech technology to connect to the world around them. They come from different worlds, but love pulls them together when their families push them apart. All of Me is a boldly humorous and candid love story exploring class and disability in America today.


Just Another Day 


Now through June 30

Legends of stage and screen Dan Lauria & Patty McCormack star in the acting event of a lifetime.

In Just Another Day, a comedy writer and a sophisticated poet in their seventies meet daily on a park bench to exchange wits and barbs, and wax nostalgic about old movies, all the while trying to figure out how they know – and love – each other. At least for that day.

Directed by Eric Krebs, the two-member cast is Dan Lauria (Lombardi,”The Wonder Years”, A Christmas Story) and Patty McCormack (The Bad Seed, Morning’s at Seven). Between them, Lauria and McCormack have over 100 years of live theatrical experience, as well as over 150 television shows and films.


Top Off-Broadway Shows for June 2024

Molly Sweeney 

Irish Repertory Theatre

Now through June 30

Molly has happily experienced the world differently since she was ten months old. When Frank, her restless, unemployed, and enthusiastic husband, makes her blindness his latest cause, he recruits Mr. Rice, a once-famous surgeon who, despite his struggles, agrees to attempt to restore Molly’s sight.

When the bandages come off, Molly, Frank, and Mr. Rice discover the differences between seeing and understanding as they face the consequences of a medical miracle.


Fix + Foxy's Dark Noon

St. Ann's Warehouse

June 7 - July 7

Fix + Foxy’s Dark Noon took the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe by storm. In it, South African artists including co-director and choreographer Nhlanhla Mahlangu and seven South African actors join forces with acclaimed Danish director Tue Biering and create an exhilarating theatrical experience. Dark Noon turns the myth of the American Wild West, as endlessly glorified by Hollywood westerns of the 1950s, on its head. This time, rather than history being told by the victors, it is told by the vanquished. On a vast bare stage, the skeleton film set of a Western town emerges in real time. The extraordinary actors embody the distinctive characters of America’s past: cowboys, gold seekers, missionaries, enslaved Africans, Chinese workers, Native Americans, prostitutes, Bluecoats, and Confederates. Through playful interpretation, the performers scrutinize the presumptions and misconceptions of the American Frontier.



New York City Center

June 11 - June 16

Operatic in its style, historical inspiration, and ambition, Titanic may have seemed unlikely material for musical drama when Maury Yeston (Grand Hotel) and Peter Stone (1776) began work. But by the time the show premiered on Broadway in October of 1997, cultural fascination with the “ship of dreams” had reached a fever pitch, and Titanic received critical and audience acclaim, as well as five Tony Awards including Best Musical. Pared down to its essence by director Anne Kauffman (The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window) and highlighting the majestic sweep of Yeston’s nearly sung-through score, Titanic remains a symphonic musical theater revelation. Our Encores production meditates on the nature of ambition and the human scale of this epic tragedy, focusing on the class divides both illuminated and transcended by the ship’s inexorable sinking, and painting a heartrending portrait of the individuals whose dreams of America were dashed in the Atlantic.



Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre

Begins performances June 23 

Holland Taylor and Ana Villafañe return to the stage as two congresswomen, generations apart in this new play about power, politics, and the perilous path to progress. N/A is a whip smart battle of wills -- and wits – between N, the first woman Speaker of the House, and A, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Inspired by real people and events, this riveting two-hander illuminates the person whom many consider the most powerful woman in American history…and the once-in-a-generation political talent who defied her.


CATS: The Jellicle Ball

Perelman Performing Arts Center

June 13 - July 14

Cats: "The Jellicle Ball" is a radical reimagining of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic dance musical based on T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. Inspired by the Ballroom culture that roared out of New York City over 50 years ago and still rages on runways around the world. Staged as a spectacularly immersive competition by Zhailon Levingston (Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, Chicken & Biscuits) and PAC NYC Artistic Director Bill Rauch (All the Way), with all new Ballroom and club beats, runway ready choreography, and an edgy eleganza makeover that moves the action from junkyard to runway.  Come one, come all, and celebrate the joyous transformation of self at the heart of Cats and Ballroom culture itself.


Clowns Like Me

DR2 Theatre

June 21 - August 18

In his deeply personal and universally resonant one-man show, seasoned actor and master storyteller Scott Ehrenpreis tells his humorous yet profound story of living with mental illness. Like, lots of mental illness.

Clowns Like Me fearlessly confronts the challenges of living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and depression, weaving a tale that is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. Through his journey, Scott uncovers a remarkable truth: the stage becomes his sanctuary, a place where, if only for a few hours, he can emerge from the shadows of his struggles into the spotlight of empowerment and self-expression.

Don't miss this unique and uplifting theatrical experience that promises not only to entertain but to illuminate the resilience of the human spirit. Clowns Like Me invites New York audiences to witness the transformative power of storytelling, where laughter and vulnerability collide to reveal the strength found in facing one's fears. Join Scott for an unforgettable evening complete with post-show talkbacks where the magic of theater becomes a beacon of hope and liberation for those impacted by mental illness.


Winesday the Wine Tasting Musical

The Theater Center

Now through June 30

When these five wine-loving women get together every Wednesday night, they're theoretically meeting for a book club or a yoga class, but really they just want to indulge in wine and talk about their lives. It's like Sex and the City meets the vineyard - including a friendly wine steward to guide the audience through the wine paired with each upcoming scene. Get ready for an intoxicating blend of friendship, wit, and wine that will leave your spirits lifted and your palate inspired.


The Office! A Musical Parody

The Theater Center

Now playing

It's a typical morning at Scranton's third largest paper company until, for no logical reason, a documentary crew begins filming the lives of the employees of Dunder Mifflin… Don't miss this hilarious, unauthorized parody of the hit TV show, "The Office" now playing at The Jerry Orbach Theater in New York City.