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BWW Blog: Eric Ulloa of Goodspeed's THE MOST HAPPY FELLA - A Little Brains, A Little Talent

Natalie Hill

For how quiet the town of East Haddam is, this cast has somehow found ways to pack a ton of excitement and activities into our brief time offstage. This past week saw an event that (in my opinion) is pretty rare during the run of a of our cast members got hitched. No, I did not get wasted and end up in Vegas waking up to nuptials and regret, but our very own bossy Italian chef "Pasquale", Martín Solá, got married to his beautiful fiancé Michelle. And I am not exaggerating about her beauty, as I call her his "Middle Earth Wife" as if she comes from some perfect elf world where everything on the person is flawless...and I suppose Martín is no slouch either.

And Middle Earth Rejoiced!

Now, what does a cast do when one of their own gets married...throw a dirty bachelor party of course! To make it an even grander occasion, we invited all cast and crew, had everyone cook traditional Oktoberfest German foods and decorated the house like the Puerto Rican Day Parade (Martín's heritage). Martín's fiancé Michelle was there for the festivities too and they went home with a gold leaf "Pimp" beer stein, some candy lingerie and the joy of having ripped open a piñata full of chocolate bars and things that I am CERTAIN Broadway World will not allow me to mention in print. My mother thanks you Broadway World...

Martin Sola and Michelle

Ma Che C'e' Fest (Don't ask...inside joke) was a tremendous success and we all went home with bellies full of kielbasa, beer and eventually Tums.

Inside sources tell me the big day went off without a hitch on one of those perfect Fall days in Connecticut. Here's to the happy couple and the good use they will get out those gifts we gave me...they better be used.

Matt Amira and Christine Cornell

Now onto the talent portion...

My darling Bill Nolte, aside from being a very gifted actor/singer, is a tremendous painter (if you've been following the blog you know this already...if not, catch up!) The Rathbun Library in East Haddam, a VERY close walk from the theatre, has a wonderful showing of his work through the end of October. It's a great little bonus when you visit Goodspeed and it's free to enjoy his art on display while you're in town. So, come check us out, marvel at Mr. Nolte's talent, go see how well he paints and realize that he is much too freakishly talented for one man.

Bill's painting

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