SARTA Announces Calls for Auditions


SARTA Announces calls for auditions for various productions.


Male lead needed for The Interview - call now!

Male lead needed for the hit play "The Interviews" by local, Elly nominated playwright, Brian Jaggar!

Wonderful opportunity for an experienced male actor - age late 20's to mid 40's. Character is in nearly every scene of a full length comedy.

"The Interviews" takes place all on one day. Gary, is scheduled to leave for a postponed honeymoon with his of 5 years when he is told by his boss that he must hire a new employee before he can leave. Following is a procession of job applicant with varying degrees of experience and personality - testing Gary's patience - until he finally hires someone who was right under his nose the whole time.
Rehearsals have already begun - to allow for time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Show runs Jan 12 to Feb 5, 2012.
Call, or e-mail for more info - please send head shot and resume in advance if we do not already have yours on file.
Deanne M. Eldridge
Executive Director
THE Actors' Workshop and Integral Theatre Company
"Community Theatre with a Spirit of Excellence"

Cal Stage Auditions for
"The Idea Man"

Audition Notice - California Stage
CASTING: "The Idea Man" by Kevin King

Produced by Ray Tatar for California Stage
Directed by Penny Kline
Dates and Times: Wednesday, November 30 at 7:30 pm and Thursday, December 1 at 7:30 pm. Callbacks will be held on Saturday, December 3 at 10 am.
Place: Auditions will take place at R25 California Stage Complex (look for signs).
Bring: If available, please bring a headshot and a resume.
Actors will be asked to read from the script. Actors may pick up scenes before the audition at The Alliance Française Office in the R25 Complex between 10 am and noon and 2 to 4 pm during the weekdays at 1725 25th street, Sacramento, CA 95816.
Contact: For additional information Ray Tatar -- or Penny at

"The Idea Man" will run Feb 18 - Mar 17, 2012 at the California Stage Theater in Midtown Sacramento.

The Play: Kevin King's "The Idea Man," received its world premiere with the Elephant Theatre Company in Hollywood immediately winning THE BEST PLAY OF THE YEAR award at the LA Ovation Awards.

The story: This play concerns the conflict between labor and management that arises when a smart but underachieving worker puts a million-dollar idea into the company suggestion box and is awarded only a hundred dollars and a plaque. The suggestion involves improvements to one of the company's machines, and the machine's inventor and his boss decide to steal the idea for their own gain. Unfortunately for them, the worker has left out some vital information. A struggle of will and bargaining styles ensues, to sometimes hilarious results, as we see these worlds collide.
All Roles Open:
1. Al Carson: A skilled toolmaker, a guy with self-described "anger issues." He's an irrepressible skirt-chasing, beer-drinking, smart-mouthed know-it-all, father of six kids by two wives and an interim girlfriend. Al is also a mechanical savant with a head full of ideas, one gem of which, he drops in the factory suggestion box. Company union rep.
2. Francine Carson: Al's current wife is every bit Al's match. Her deadpan delivery nails him every time. Though not well educated, Francine recognizes Al's propensity to sabotage his own efforts.
3. Frank Thompson: The consummate white-collar resident engineer who originally designed the machine Al works on, instantly spots the simple brilliance in Al's new idea. He is also a man torn between loyalties, obligations, ambition, and an instinct for fairness; his is the pathos of the team player. Frank is unsatisfied with his life and longs for the "big idea" to make his mark.
4. Maureen Thompson: Frank's wife, canny, still hoping to climb the social ladder.
5. Jim Simmons: The factory's senior VP, smooth and calculating. He can be officious and demanding.
6. Doyle: Al's co-worker, a spot-welder and the sage of the plant.
7. Bobby: Al's co-worker and none too bright.
8. Gino: Al's co-worker. Jealous of Al's popularity and suspicious of Frank. He's out to prove everyone wrong in making Al the union rep.

Auditions for "The Reunion"

An original play by local playwright Alan Truax.
Directed by Maggie Adair Upton.

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