Celia Dufournet's IN FOOD EMPIRE to be Presented at Hollywood Fringe Festival in June

May 27
5:00 PM 2014
Celia Dufournet's IN FOOD EMPIRE to be Presented at Hollywood Fringe Festival in June

The comedy solo In Food Empire shares the answers of a dozen of inhabitants from the Inland Empire to Jamie Oliver's question. Collected from a series of interviews, their stories reveal our deep craving for true communion and celebrate unspoken heroes of everyday life.The audience is invited to join the conversation through live clown play with objects on stage (a supermarket cart, a rope and 300 bullets casings), as well as by adding their own testimony after seeing the piece.

The performer, Celia Dufournet, is from Lyon in France. She studies and teaches Corporeal Mime at Pomona College as research assistant of Tom Leabhart since 2011 and with his help she created In Food Empire in December 2013. Before discovering Corporeal Mime and coming to the US she trained and performed as a Clown.

In Food Empire will appear during the Fringe Festival at Schkapf Artworks Theater, 6567 Santa Monica Bld in West Hollywood on June 6th, 13th and 16th at 6.30PM, as well as on June 8th and 15th at 8PM.

For more information about the show, visit http://www.infoodempire.com/#

To see the trailer, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Mw8TWdtR5M

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