April Hava Shenkman Releases HAVAWOOD Comic Book, Host Show, Today

April Hava Shenkman Releases HAVAWOOD Comic Book, Host Show, TodayHAVAWOOD is the first comic book of performance artist April Hava Shenkman. Hava's comic is "alternative" just like her comedy. Not following any traditional comic form, HAVAWOOD has an unrefined, raw quality, that's completely intuitive and heart driven. It's an autobiographical, surrealist glimpse inside the universe of Los Angeles performance artist April Hava Shenkman.

HAVAWOOD is the story about an avant-garde performance artist who dreams of being a Hollywood star. Unfit for Hollywood, Hava makes Hollywood fit for her, in a pursuit for finding happiness. Along the way, Hava meets up with legends of Hollywood's golden age who lend advice and wisdom, the man in the moon, and the love of her life. A rare glimpse into the artist's mind and heart in this tale of an out-sider becoming an in-sider.

On this night, HAVAWOOD will be released into the cosmos and available to the public. AND along with the comic will be HAVAWOOD the SHOW created and performed by April Hava Shenkman. ONE NIGHT ONLY: 12-13-13 An alternative GOOD LUCK approach to Friday the 13th!

Tickets are $13, includes cake reception. At the Spirit Studio Silverlake 2601 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027
Also, you can support the self publication of HAVAWOOD by becoming a BACKER on KICKSTARTER by 11:11pm December 1, 2013: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hava/hava-is-raising-1300-in-13-days-to-print-1st-comic

Watch a promo below!

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