EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL Hosts Two Sunday Night Viewings of WALKING DEAD

EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL Hosts Two Sunday Night Viewings of WALKING DEAD

For fans across the city, every Sunday night is WALKING DEAD night. The hit television show beat out the Olympics for viewership and shows no signs of slowing down.

And many of these fans gather at one place - the Viewing Parties put together by Fat Beard Studios and hosted by the cast of EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL.

Fans dress up as their favorite zombie or zombie hunter, meet with friends and fellow fans, and enjoy one of the highest rated cable television shows with a room full of like-minded people. These parties are designed with the television show and its fans in mind. A variety of WALKING DEAD and zombie-related merchandise - much of it hard-to-find items - is available for purchase, zombie-themed food and delicious beverages are readily available, and there are the added elements of entertainment like rounds of WALKING DEAD trivia during commercial breaks, an ongoing raffle, and karaoke. It is a mini-convention - and it happens every Sunday night that a new WALKING DEAD episode is on television.

There are other viewing "parties" that have cropped up over time, attempting to capitalize on the success of this group, but they are often put together by bar owners and individuals who don't understand the television show, aren't interested in its fans, and more often than not use it as a lure to get people in the door.

The events coordinated by Fat Beard Studios and hosted by EVIL DEAD are events through and through, with the focus being the television show. There is a commitment to fans being able to hear the show well, and have a clear line of sight to the televisions. In addition, merchants and artists are brought in who understand the zombie culture and create art that caters to it.

And now the party is expanding each Sunday night. The doors will open at 7pm. The first episode will air at 8pm. There will be a break in between during which time fans can hang out, shop, collect raffle tickets, and prepare for the second airing of the episode which will be shown at 10:30pm. The party will now be bookended by WALKING DEAD, with falles, trivia, photo ops, giveaways, and more going on all through the evening.

"There is nothing like these parties in Las Vegas," said Sirc Michaels, producer and director of EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL. "Fans of the television show who are looking to have a great time with fellow fans of the show and comic books will find no place better to hang out on a Sunday night than with us at THE END."

With all the people and activities, it would be easy to image that hearing and seeing the show itself would be a challenge. But according to Michaels, that couldn't be further from the truth. "There is a great amount of noise and activity before and after each episode, but once the show starts everyone quiets down to watch as the sound plays over the building's entire sound system and the episode is shown on television screens all throughout THE END. This attention to detail is to ensure there isn't a bad seat in the house. There is something special about being with that many fans gasping and cheering in a public space for the show. It turns it into a big, fun experience akin to seeing an exciting movie in a theater."

During commercial breaks, the gang from EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL will present trivia questions and give out prizes ranging from original artwork to WALKING DEAD merchandise to comic books to packs of tickets to EVIL DEAD. After the second episode a raffle will be held for a variety of prizes.

"The WALKING DEAD episode is the heart of the event," says Michaels, "But it's not the entirety of it. There is stuff to do before and after each episode, and we try to make it as fun as possible for everyone who comes out."

The Walking Dead viewing parties at THE END open at 7pm every Sunday through March 30 and the party runs until midnight. For details about Evil Dead: The Musical, visit www.evildeadvegas.com.

About Evil Dead: The Musical: Evil Dead: The Musical is a unique production that combines multimedia, live performance, audience participation and 4D elements to take audience members into its world. From undead ushers to blood spraying out into the audience, this musical comedy is bringing a new type of entertainment to the Vegas Strip, and the people behind it are determined to make a lasting impression. Performances can be seen at the V Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino every Tuesday through Friday at 10 p.m. and Saturday at 11:30 p.m. For more details about the show visit www.EvilDeadVegas.com.

Pictured: EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL cast members pose for a pic with fans at a recent WALKING DEAD Viewing Party at THE END.

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