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Escape from Cottage Woods show poster

Escape from Cottage Woods at Open-Door Playhouse

Dates: (5/29/2024 - 6/29/2024 )


Open-Door Playhouse

Open-Door Playhouse

9 Pangloss St.
Henderson,NV 89002


Tickets: Free. Donations accepted.

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Open-Door Playhouse continues to present short plays in podcast form. Its play Escape from Cottage Woods, first presented in 2022, will return to the spotlight  online starting May 29, 2024  at


             Macie, 94, is a longtime resident of a retirement community in a bucolic setting in North Carolina. Lily, her daughter, believes that Macie is being overmedicated into a compliant, zombified state by the establishment’s staff. Macie and Lily have some unresolved mother-daughter issues.


            Will Lily be able to extract her mom without attracting the attention of the staff and security personnel? Can there be an escape from Cottage Woods?


            Virginia Linden is the playwright and director of Escape from Cottage Woods.

Ages: 12 to Adult.

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Open-Door Playhouse is at 9 Pangloss St., Henderson, NV.

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