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Grace show poster

Grace at Open-Door Playhouse

Dates: (5/14/2024 - 6/14/2024 )


Open-Door Playhouse

Open-Door Playhouse

9 Pangloss St.
Henderson,NV 89002


Tickets: Free. Donations accepted.

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Open-Door Playhouse continues to present short plays in podcast form. Its upcoming play Grace will debut on May 14, 2024 online at


            In the late 1960s, Grace has become a teen mom at 16. Her daughter has been taken away from her, against her will. Her boyfriend, the little girl’s father, has been killed on the battlefield while serving in Vietnam. Now, Grace is determined to do whatever is necessary to get her daughter back. First, Grace will have a reckoning with her own mother.


            The playwright, Sandra Cruze, performs her own work as a solo piece. Grace is extracted from a full-length, full-cast (nine) play. Bernadette Armstrong directs.

Ages: 12 to Adult.

Open-Door Playhouse Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Open-Door Playhouse is at 9 Pangloss St., Henderson, NV.

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