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BWW Review: SPRING AWAKENING with Fearless Theatre
by Chris Arneson - August 13, 2015

Fearless Theatre's production of Spring Awakening left me reeling for a sincere vibrancy the show typically stimulates in me.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: BONNIE AND CLYDE with Equinox Theatre
by Chris Arneson - August 05, 2015

Just like the infamous duo, Bonnie and Clyde: The Musical had a short life on Broadway, but it left a mark on the theatre scene. Denver's Equinox Theatre Company is currently presenting the show's regional premiere.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Theatreworks MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Eventually Finds Its Hip-Hop Rhythm
by Christi Esterle - August 03, 2015

Although it takes some time, Theatreworks' funky take on Shakespearean comedy is ultimately hilarious and magical.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: THE SPITFIRE GRILL at Vintage Theatre
by Chris Arneson - July 29, 2015

The Spitfire Grill, based on the film of the same name, follows Percy (Megan Van De Hey), who just got out of prison. A page from an old magazine brings her to the town of Gilead, Wisconson, where she finds a job at the Spitfire Grill working for Hannah (Anne Oberbroeckling), an aging widow who also... (more...)
by Christi Esterle - July 20, 2015

Though it stumbles on the romance, Inspire Creative makes the classic musical's deeper themes shine through.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: MARY POPPINS at BDT Stage
by colin roybal - July 03, 2015

'Mary Poppins' is a film classic that children of all ages have enjoyed for many years. It is a lighthearted, whimsical tale of a pair of unruly children who are taught the value of order, morality, and family love by a magical nanny who floats into their lives by way of a gust of wind. I was so ena... (more...)
BWW Reviews: FAC's GUYS AND DOLLS is Good Old-Fashioned Fun
by Christi Esterle - May 24, 2015

Guys and Dolls is a classic because it works--and Fine Arts Center demonstrates why.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: TICK, TICK...BOOM! at Ignite Theatre
by colin roybal - May 07, 2015

Tick, Tick…Boom! is Jonathan Larson's autobiographical musical that centered on his period of struggle before becoming successful with the Broadway hit Rent.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN at Denver Center
by Chris Arneson - May 06, 2015

The relationship-comedy genre is no stranger to the intimate Galleria. Neither is Caveman, which is making its fifth visit to the Mile High City.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: ANNIE at Denver Center
by Chris Arneson - May 04, 2015

The show is nothing flashy, and it doesn't try to be any more than it is. But if you already don't love Annie, this production won't change your mind.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: SHE KILLS MONSTERS at Aurora Fox
by Chris Arneson - April 29, 2015

The Aurora Fox is letting its inner-geek show…and it's kind of a bad-ass.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: 42ND STREET at Lakewood Cultural Center
by colin roybal - April 28, 2015

Few shows capture the glamour and spectacle of the original Ziegfeld Follies as well as 42nd Street. The elaborate showgirl numbers and huge dancing choruses were the stuff of legend, and provided the inspiration for many gaudy Broadway musicals. While the show mocks some of the silliness of the ori... (more...)
BWW Reviews: Theatreworks Spins Tall Tales With THE LIAR
by Christi Esterle - April 25, 2015

Caught somewhere between classical and modern modes, The Liar is a truly entertaining evening.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: THE PILLOWMAN at The Bug Theatre
by colin roybal - April 15, 2015

Razorblade-stuffed apples, body mutilation, and being buried alive: all the stuff of nightmares, right? Such are the elements of the twisted short stories that are a key element in The Pillowman. And how does one combine these gruesome elements into a story that is still palatable enough to sit thro... (more...)
by Christi Esterle - April 11, 2015

Written just over forty years ago, Jane Chambers' A Late Snow shouldn't be controversial anymore. Yet here it is, 2015, and the church I drive past on the way to the store has a sign out front declaring, 'DON'T GIVE IN TO THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA,' so it's safe to say that SET's latest production will ... (more...)
BWW Reviews: THE 12 with Denver Center Theatre Company
by Chris Arneson - April 07, 2015

The 12, a new rock musical about the days after Jesus's death, has had an interesting life, and now it's getting a full staging in Denver.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI at The Space Theater
by colin roybal - April 03, 2015

... (more...)
BWW Reviews: MOTOWN at the Denver Center's Buell Theatre
by Chris Arneson - April 02, 2015

Motown the Musical, currently playing at the Buell Theatre, provides a bit of a history lesson for the record label, but mostly it feels like a really impressive tribute concert.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: MISTERMAN at Boulder's Dairy Center
by Chris Arneson - April 01, 2015

The mind of someone with a mental illness is a stimulating place to visit, currently being explored in a Boulder production of Misterman by Enda Walsh.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: A Journey of 4000 MILES at the FAC
by Christi Esterle - March 30, 2015

Her name was Lee Joseph. She passed away in 2013 at the age of 96, after what was in every sense of the term a full life. She hung around with the sort of people who got called before the HUAC, was married for a time to Arthur Herzog, Jr. (who co-wrote the Billie Holliday standard 'God Bless the Chi... (more...)
BWW Reviews: DRAG MACHINE at Garner Galleria Theater, DCPA
by colin roybal - March 27, 2015

The Denver Center's Garner Galleria Theater is home to some very interesting cabaret-type shows. The most colorful, of late, has been Drag Machine, an original work that combines a traditional drag show with a narrative about the history of drag culture.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: COCK Fight, Part 2 - Avenue Theater
by Chris Arneson - March 24, 2015

This is part 2 in a two-part review of Cock, featuring both The Edge and Avenue Theater's concurring productions.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: TILLY THE TRICKSTER at Fine Arts Center
by Christi Esterle - March 23, 2015

Like its title character, Tilly has some flaws to work through but a good heart.... (more...)
BWW Reviews: HAPPY DAYS at Theatreworks
by Christi Esterle - March 23, 2015

'What does it mean?'... (more...)
BWW Reviews: AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' at Vintage Theatre
by colin roybal - March 20, 2015

The music of jazz legend Thomas 'Fats' Waller is iconic. Born in the Harlem nightlife, his blues/jazz melodies are hauntingly beautiful and complex, and are the feature of Vintage Theatre's production of 'Ain't Misbehavin'.... (more...)