Bestselling Indie Authors to Write Book LIVE in 30 Days

Bestselling Indie Authors to Write Book LIVE in 30 Days

AUSTIN, Texas, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Bestselling indie authors Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant are about to do something that's never been done: change the world, by writing a book LIVE in 30 days (from vapor to paper), showing every molecule of their process and shifting modern thought about the art of telling stories.

"Fiction Unboxed" is a publishing experiment. Platt and Truant are full-time authors, determined to prove with their Kickstarter project that well-told stories can bloom from excitement and inspiration, rather than from a "true artist's" tortured soul.

Not only are Platt and Truant breaking new ground, they're going to do it without existing characters, a title, a story, or even a genre.

"We want to show writers, readers, and the world that 'story' is already breathing inside you. Too many writers are afraid to tap their primal voice, falsely believing that there's magic in story that they can't access. But that's not true. You're walking around with that magic inside you right now," claims Truant.

Platt adds, "Readers want to think, feel, or escape, catch the scent of adventure and the thrill of the unknown. They don't care where that story came from, how long it took to write, or where you went to school - just the characters you create and the situations you put them in - the two things most in your control. We want to show the world how easy that can be."

Along with David W. Wright, Platt and Truant co-host the wildly popular Self-Publishing Podcast, the highly rated indie show that birthed their bestselling book, Write. Publish. Repeat. Avid fans have clamored for a followup. It wasn't enough for writers to know what the duo did to produce a "Harry Potter series and a half" worth of reader-pleasing fiction in 2013, they wanted to see how they did it.

Fiction Unboxed was born. Now that the project has fully funded in its first day (in just 11 hours), Platt and Truant are eager to start. From June 1-30, Platt and Truant (along with some help from their third creative partner, David W. Wright) will:

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