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THE REAL MRS MUHAMMAD Will Be Performed as Part of Suidoosterfees at Artscape Theatre This Month

The play is written and performed by Simone Heradien.

THE REAL MRS MUHAMMAD Will Be Performed as Part of Suidoosterfees at Artscape Theatre This Month

The Real Mrs Muhammad tackles the complexities of an inter-cultural live-in love affair between a naturalised, practicing Muslim, Pakistani man named as Sajid, and an atheist South African woman, Simone, that is interrupted by an arranged marriage. The two meet on a plane and swear reciprocal undying love. After a year of long distance between Cape Town and Pretoria where he resides, she packs her bags to commence the "unholy" shack-up until a "situationship" triangle ensues.

While he took her as the girlfriend, to Pakistan to introduce to his family and friends, a gesture not synonymous in such a traditional world, he simultaneously but secretly continues with the traditional arranged marriage preparations. When his secret is eventually revealed, Simone opposes this turn of events. He tries to justify the solemnisation of his arranged Muslim marriage, to take place in Pakistan, around his contention that, as he puts it, he wants a "real woman" who can give him a "real child" as opposed to her who does not see as a "real woman" as she cannot bear him a child. The idea of surrogacy or adoption is out of the question to him as he claims it's "against his religion and culture".

This impending arranged marriage causes much consternation, stress and upheaval, during the early years of their relationship. Other major cultural and religious differences puts additional strain on the two's future....if indeed there is a future?

A few years into the relationship, and although she supposedly subscribes to the principles of feminism, she conditionally agrees to accept his arranged marital status. Deviously she agrees that the wife and baby could move to South Africa to live with them. Is this a ruse in her under-handed gamble in the hope that between the wife and the common law wife, "The Real Mrs Muhammad" would be revealed to the world? Which one would it be?

The play is written and performed by Simone Heradien. It is directed by Kurt Egelhof. It is based on actual events that transpired between the author and her partner. The wife remains nameless in the production although at times she is referred to as "The Bitch" so as not to give her credence.

The Real Mrs Muhammad forms part of this year's Suidoosterfees at Artscape Theatre It premiered at the SoloAfrika Festival of Monodrama 2018, marking Simone's debut performance as an actor.

Performances run 28 April- 30 April.
Ticket price: R70 throughout

Strict COVID-19 protocol is observed. No mask, no entry.

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