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VIDEO: Get to Know the Voice Behind KING KONG
by Linnae Medeiros - Jun 21, 2019

The company of King Kong is bringing the show's larger-than-life puppet to the stage eight times a week at the Broadway Theatre, including Jon Hoche, who voices the gorilla live each night for every roar, grunt, snort and growl. Fox 5 recently sat down with Hoche to get a peek behind the scenes and to chat all about what it's like bringing this icon to life. Check out the full video!

VIDEO: LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN Goes Behind the Scenes of Broadway's KING KONG
by Kaitlin Milligan - May 14, 2019

On Tuesday's episode of Broadway Week on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan,' Ryan goes behind the scenes of Broadway's 'King Kong.' He sits down with the show's star Christani Pitts, works with the 'King's Company' puppeteers, and even gets up close and personal with Kong himself!

VIDEO: Watch the All New TV Spot For KING KONG
by Stephi Wild - Feb 19, 2019

King Kong has just dropped an all new TV spot! The commercial features footage from the show, including, of course, the iconic puppet.

VIDEO: Christiani Pitts, Drew McOnie, and More Discuss the Magic of KING KONG
by Stephi Wild - Dec 1, 2018

King Kong may have the most talked-about puppet on the Great White Way, but a recent feature on CBS is breaking down just what makes this show so magical.

VIDEO: Watch King Kong on the Thanksgiving Day Parade!
by Robert Diamond - Nov 22, 2018

Roar! Watch King Kong perform on this morning's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

BWW TV: KING KONG Celebrates Opening Night in a Big Way!
by TV - Opening Night Special - Nov 9, 2018

Just last night, one of the biggest characters in Broadway history made his debut at one of Broadway's biggest theatres. The stars came out last night at the Broadway Theatre as King Kong celebrated opening night!

BWW TV: Behold the Beast! Watch Highlights from KING KONG on Broadway
by Nicole Rosky - Nov 8, 2018

KING KONG opens tonight, Thursday November 8, at the Broadway Theatre (1681 Broadway) and you can check out a first look at the cast in action below!

BWW TV: She's the Queen of New York! Watch Christiani Pitts in New Music Video for KING KONG
by Nicole Rosky - Aug 30, 2018

Producers of Broadway's King Kong, Carmen Pavlovic (Global Creatures) and Roy Furman, have just released "Queen of New York," a new music video featuring Christiani Pitts, who stars as Ann Darrow in the new musical. 

BWW TV: They're Bringing the Beast to Broadway! Meet the Company of KING KONG
by Stephi Wild - Aug 7, 2018

King Kong is getting ready to take over Broadway! The cast met the press yesterday and BroadwayWorld was there! Hear what Christiani Pitts, Eric William Morris, and the rest of the cast have to say about taking this beast to Broadway!

BWW TV: From Melbourne to NYC- Watch KING KONG Load in for Broadway!
by Nicole Rosky - Jul 13, 2018

Watch below as the 2,000 pound, 20-foot high King Kong comes together in Melbourne Australia, and the Broadway Theatre front of house is installed!

VIDEO: Going Behind the Scenes With The Talented Team of KING KONG
by A.A. Cristi - Mar 6, 2018

The classic story King Kong, will open at the Broadway Theatre (1681 Broadway) on November 8, 2018. Check out the talented team of professionals in the video below and see how they brought the most famous primate in cinema history to life on the stage.