Theatre Information

Winter Garden Theatre (Broadway) (New York, NY)
1634 Broadway (At W. 50th St.)

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Juno Production Information


March 09, 1959

Closing:March 21, 1959
# Performances:16
Theatres: Winter Garden Theatre (Broadway) (New York, NY)
3/9/1959 - 3/21/1959

Production Type:Original Production
Production Status:
Run Type:Open Run
Version:Original Broadway Version


Other Productions of Juno

1959   Broadway Original Broadway Production
1976   Regional Revival
1992   Off-Broadway Off-Broadway Revival
1992   Off-Broadway


Audio Recordings

1959  Composer's Demo
1959  Studio Demo
1959  Original Broadway Cast

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical


  • Daarlin' Juno (revised version)

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

We're Alive
I Wish It So
Song of the Ma
We Can Be Proud
Daarlin' Man
One Kind Word
Old Sayin's
What Is the Stars?
a.k.a. Life on the Sea
You Poor Thing
a.k.a. Troubles
Dublin Night
My True Heart
On a Day Like This
Jig [i]
Slip Jig
Shillelagh Dance
Jig [ii]
Bird Upon the Tree
Music in the House
It's Not Irish
The Liffey Waltz
For Love
a.k.a. Lament

Cut prior to opening

From This Out
Farewell, Me Butty
His Own Peculiar Charm
Ireland's Eye
Quarrel Song
You Are the Girl

Added to the 1976 revival

Daarlin' Juno
Grand, O Grand
Tea Party
Joxer's Tune