EDINBURGH 2023: Review: THE DURHAM REVUE: DEATH ON THE MILE, Underbelly, Cowgate

The Durham Revue prove they are one of the best student comedy groups in the UK

By: Aug. 18, 2023
Edinburgh Festival
EDINBURGH 2023: Review: THE DURHAM REVUE: DEATH ON THE MILE, Underbelly, Cowgate
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EDINBURGH 2023: Review: THE DURHAM REVUE: DEATH ON THE MILE, Underbelly, Cowgate

Every year the Fringe is full of student comedy groups with each group offering their own brand of humour and variety of sketches. Some offering musical comedy, some silly, some crude and low brow and some do a mix of everything. However, The Durham Revue seem to have the greatest mix of the bunch, offering a little bit of everything all with enough charisma and energy that it is almost frightening.

Opening the show it is revealed that the group have been hired to perform for an older man's birthday party, yet, the unthinkable happens - a murder. The gag plays on with numerous members going to check that he definitely is dead and by the third member they are pulled back by another one of the gang, stating "ok the bit's over now". A funny little start to the show. Deciding together what they should do the Revue eventually decide to perform as normal so as not to alarm anyone, and so the show goes on.

Firstly is a sketch which depicts Blackbeard the Pirate and his crew as they must deal with a new HR rep that has joined them on board. It's a ridiculous sketch but one which gets big laughs thanks to the sheer silliness of it all. The highlight comes when Blackbeard's crew discuss how hurtful their nicknames are, leaving Blackbeard to question "what about you F*** Ugly Joe, don't you like your nickname?" One of the biggest laughs of the show.

As the show progresses The Durham Revue prove themselves as not just charismatic performers but as incredibly clever writers as well, creating sketches which are smart, silly, or just straight up bizarre. Some good examples of this are the Chuckle Brother Assassins sketch (a personal favourite), the dying plant sketch and the séance sketch, all of which showcase the greatest attributes of both the writing and the performers.

One thing that must be noted is just how physical the group is with much more slapstick infused into their routines as well as generally physical performances.  Such as the group member who would portray Poirot throughout the show, whose physical humour reaches its peak in the "these boots were made for walking" sketch, a truly mental and outrageously funny scene.

Some of the weaker portions of the show came in the form of the James Bond sketch in which Bond disguised himself to fit in with two very posh old ladies. It is an ok idea in scope but failed to get much of a big laugh from the audience. The "is that a meatball?" sketch was also one of the less successful in the show but the idea really picks up when it makes a surprising comeback later on.

In spite of this, The Durham Revue: Death on the Mile is one of the funniest shows at this years Fringe and proves The Durham Revue as one of the best student comedy groups in the UK. With excellent performers and truly funny gags, The Durham Revue is not to be missed.

The Durham Revue: Death on the Mile runs at Underbelly Cowgate until 27 August.


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