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Review of Marc Jennings: Original Sound at Monkey Barrel


EDINBURGH 2022: Review: MARC JENNINGS: ORIGINAL SOUND, Monkey Barrel This new hour from Glasgow-based comedian Marc Jennings is called Original Sound as a nod to some of the success he has been experiencing on Tiktok recently. Addressing that many comedy shows lately have a narrative arc and are almost like little plays, he states that this will be 'just' an hour of jokes.

Jennings certainly delivers on the jokes and Original Sound doesn't drop pace for a second. From his relationship history to his experiences with modern dating, he is consistently hilarious. There are many excellent observational pieces including one that was particularly popular online a couple of months ago.

The overwhelming majority of the audience are Scottish and while a lot of the content will be more relatable for locals, it is funny enough to appeal to a much wider audience.

Original Sound was my last show of the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as the last show of this particular run and it was heartening to see that Jennings appears to still be very much enjoying himself at the end of a long month. He's definitely found his audience and a genuine love for making people laugh makes Marc Jennings a brilliantly authentic comic.

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