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Edinburgh Festival

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EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: THE ART OF FALLING APART, Pleasance Courtyard, August 17 2014

The Art Of Falling Apart got off to a promising start. It opens with Julian giving a presentation at work and having a complete meltdown in the middle of it. He states that there are no new ideas and he doesn't really see the point in anything and storms out of the meeting.

We are then introduced to Callum, a Scotsman who is also having somewhat of a bad day. Although he doesn't realise it immediately, it is only when his relationship flaws are highlighted by others at a party that he decides things need to change. A variety of odd characters are introduced, the strangest of the bunch being Brian whom he meets in a station.

Some of the seemingly random characters begin to weave together and connect the story but a few are left unexplained. The two actors perform as a variety of different characters and both prove themselves to be very versatile. The script is very funny in places particularly highlighting the arguments that couples have but it began to lose me about halfway through. The piece seemed far too long and it just got too ridiculous.

There is a fairly cliche message about how your life isn't as bad as you think it is. While The Art Of Falling Apart had some interesting ideas and an excellent cast it wasn't able to hold my attention.

The Art Of Falling Apart runs at Pleasance Courtyard until August 25th.

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