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EDINBURGH 2014 - BWW Reviews: ONE MAN BREAKING BAD, The Stand, August 16 2014

There are a few Breaking Bad-themed shows in Edinburgh this year. It seems logical that using the name of such a popular television programme is a guaranteed way to get your show some attention.

Miles Allen has taken things a bit further than just using the title. He has mastered impressions of pretty much every character in the series and reenacts six seasons in the space of an hour. The material has been well scripted as rather than just acting it out he has a running narrative (as Jesse Pinkman, obviously) and has added loads of regional references.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the plot, Breaking Bad is about a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer. Knowing that his family will be left with nothing due to medical expenses he uses his expertise to manufacture crystal meth with a slightly dodgy ex-pupil. Allen announces that the Edinburgh Fringe was the perfect place for him to perform this show as we're all so passionate about...meth.

The impressions are pretty accurate. Allen mentions that he feels comfortable impersonating Walt Jr (who has cerebal palsy) so we should feel ok laughing at it. It is a brilliant impression and you can't help but laugh when he launches into a version of Wrecking Ball in character as Walt Jr.

There are some excellent observations about the series and a few things are pointed out that I hadn't actually noticed myself. Allen also showcases a few other non-Breaking Bad characters - the Family Guy ones are absolutely bang on. One Man Breaking Bad is quite silly in places but very very funny and worth seeing if you are a fan of the series.

One Man Breaking Bad runs at The Stand until August 23rd.

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