Mike Infante Stars in SOME OF US ARE BRAVE in BEFORE HARMONY SLEEPS WITH JEFF, Produced by Futures Explored

Futures Explored will present an evening of one-act plays written and directed by David-Matthew Barnes.

By: Jan. 23, 2024
Mike Infante Stars in SOME OF US ARE BRAVE in BEFORE HARMONY SLEEPS WITH JEFF, Produced by Futures Explored

Mike Infante, a Mexican American actor, rises to prominence on the broad canvas of California's fantasies, where the sun-drenched landscapes resound with dreams. This 22-year-old actor, who hails from the energetic city of Sacramento, is not just breaking down barriers and rewriting the story in Hollywood—he is genuinely making a seismic change.

Mike's story began when he was eleven, on the little stages of neighborhood theaters in Sacramento. Despite the challenges posed by his cerebral palsy, his unwavering love of performing served as his beacon of hope. In the middle of the entertainment world today, in the heart of California, Mike finds himself at the crossroads of a promising film career.

Mike's story is one of perseverance, from the little theaters of Sacramento to the vast glamor of Hollywood. Freaky Tales, his upcoming endeavor, celebrates California's cultural variety and promises to be a kaleidoscope tour through the rich tapestry of 1987 Oakland. The love of people, places, music, and movies that transcend the known universe is reflected in intricately crafted tales. The movie premiered at the Sundance film festival alongside its cast featuring Jack Champion, Pedro Pascal, Angus Cloud, Jay Ellis , Normani, Dominique Thorne , Keir Ghilchrist , Michelle Farrah Huang and Ben Mendelsohn.

Mike returns to the stage after a year break doing film work. Working in a production produced by Futures Explored, a 60 year old non-profit which supports individuals with disabilities in many areas and is producing their first theatrical production in their new Blackbox theatre on R street in downtown Sacramento.

“We are thrilled to host the first theatrical performance at our new space in Sacramento, which serves as a vibrant hub for celebrating community and creating career opportunities for individuals with disabilities,” said Hester Wagner, Senior Director of Media, Futures Explored. “We hope the public will join us in fostering inclusivity and artistic expression at this special event.”

Futures Explored will present an evening of one-act plays written and directed by David-Matthew Barnes. Collectively titled Some of Us Are Brave, four short plays will be presented at each performance, including two world premieres. Performances will be in the new black box theater space in the Futures Explored building located at 2533 R Street in Sacramento. Parking is available.  Performances will be held at 7PM on February 2, 3, 9, and 10 with a matinee performance at 3PM on February 11.

“I’m very excited to partner with Futures Explored on this production,” says writer and director David-Matthew Barnes. “As an arts educator, I love the co-curricular opportunities this show presents for the very talented students at Futures Explored who are studying their craft.”

Barnes, who has returned to his hometown of Sacramento after being away for a decade, is the award-winning author of fifteen novels, three collections of poetry, seven short stories, and more than seventy stage plays that have been performed in three languages in twelve countries. Five of his stage plays have received off-off Broadway productions.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to have this production be the first show I’ve directed in Sacramento in over ten years. It feels like the perfect homecoming,” says Barnes.

Featuring a cast of community actors working alongside Futures Explored students, the short plays explore a variety of themes, including the disintegration of a relationship, the aftermath of a suicide, the sweetness of finding your first love, and envy. Included in the lineup is the award-winning script Number 76, which was workshopped at The Mid America Dramatists Lab in Chicago and featured in The Best Stage Scenes (Smith & Kraus) before receiving multiple productions in New York. Also included is the tender and comedic college-age romance Before Harmony Sleeps with Jeff, which recently premiered in Denver and was featured in The Best Men’s Stage Monologues of 2020 (Smith & Kraus). Two of Barnes’ new plays, Hot Rates to Omaha and I Bet She Has a Party to Go To,will receive world premieres.

Infante is expected to be working on “Before Harmony With Jeff” Starring as Gilbert, alongside Victoria Quinn as Harmony and Rand Doerning as Jeff.

These productions contain adult language and themes.