Review: GLORIA: A LIFE Kicks Off a New Season at Sacramento Theatre Company

Gloria: A Life Plays Through October 24th

By: Oct. 14, 2021

Review: GLORIA: A LIFE Kicks Off a New Season at Sacramento Theatre Company

After what Executive Director Michael Laun calls "the longest theatrical intermission ever on record," Sacramento Theatre Company is back with its 77th season, which is aptly entitled WHO, WHAT & WHERE. Really, do any of us know who, what, or where we are anymore? I do know where you should be, though, and that's at the Sacramento Theatre Company watching their regional premiere of Gloria: A Life.

Admittedly, before seeing the show, I knew very little about Gloria Steinem other than having a vague association of her name with feminism. I also knew very little about the mid-century feminist movement. Being privileged enough to grow up in an environment where I didn't really see a disparity between men and women took a lot of work on the part of women who came before me, as is apparent now after seeing Gloria.

The play, written by Tony nominee Emily Mann, provides snapshots into Steinem's life. Local favorite Jamie Jones skillfully wears Gloria Steinem's many hats-from angry daughter to beleaguered journalist to passionate activist to, finally, triumphant magazine editor. Supporting Jones is a sextuplet of female artists, each playing a multitude of characters that weave in and out of Steinem's life. At the conclusion of the show, the audience is invited to participate in a "talking circle," which serves as a sensitively facilitated safe space to share personal experiences that may be related to topics covered in the play.

Gloria is, in parts, a history lesson, a vessel of female empowerment, and a catharsis from subjugation. It illuminates the accomplishments of such minority leaders as Wilma Mankiller, Florynce Kennedy, and Dorothy Pitman Hughes. It's also a call to action to reject complacency and stay vigilant, for there is still much work to be done in the name of equality and freedom. In the words of Flo Kennedy, "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up space."

How To Get Tickets

Gloria: A Life is at the Sacramento Theatre Company through October 24. More information can be found at or by calling (916) 443-6722.

Photo credit: Cindy Lawton