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Snow White and the Prince at Onstage Theater


9/21/2020 - 1/31/2021


Onstage Theater

Greenbelt 1, Makati
Metro Manila,

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Phone: (632)8919999

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Snow White, a beautiful princess, looks forward to her birthday ball, but laments that she does not know how to dance. But at the ball, she meets a handsome prince who teaches her how and they fall in love. However, her stepmother, a vain and selfish queen, who is envious of her beauty, interrupts the ball, sends the guests away, and plots to send Snow White to the dungeon. Snow White’s nurse overhears this and helps her to escape to the forest. There, she meets seven unusual miners who care for her until, after a near mishap, she is reunited with her prince. Love, caring, kindness and the pitfalls of selfishness are universal lessons to be learned from this happy musical for children of all ages.

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